Attached are the bulletins for services this weekend — the First Sunday in Lent.  Lent 1 Saturday Lent 1 Sunday


Four Important Reminders

  1. Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper tonight as we host Christ the King for a delicious dinner of pancakes, sausage, and all the trimmings.  Starts at 6:00 p.m.
  2. Ash Wednesday Service, with the Imposition of Ashes — tomorrow evening (February 14) at 7:00 p.m.
  3. Men’s Bible Study — Thursday evening — 6:30 p.m.
  4. Men’s Fellowship Breakfast moved from Saturday, February 17 to Saturday, February 24 — at 7:30 a.m.

This is a very special week as we begin our observance of Lent — lots going on.  Hope you can clear your calendar to take part in these various events and observances.

Just a reminder of the “hopework” for this coming Sunday night’s session of Changes, Transitions, and Disappointments.  Using your timeline, answer these questions:  “What are these wounds/my body/my thoughts telling me about myself, God, and the world.”  And “What is God asking me to do with these wounds?”  “Are there any re-occurring themes?  Motifs?  Roadblocks?  Has anything happened like this before.”

Attached are the bulletins for services this weekend — the 6th Sunday of the Epiphany.  Epiphany 6 Saturday Epiphany6 Sunday

Barbara Beckley, a long-time friend of many at Christ our Hope, fell today and was admitted to Kettering Hospital.  There, it was learned that there was serious cranial bleeding.  Terri Sebree was able to learn that she was careflighted to University of Cincinnati Hospital and is in  neuro intensive care there and on a ventilator.  Please pray for Barbara and for the medical staff attending her.

Blessed Father God, we are grateful that we know our sister Barbara is in your loving care.  We pray for her and for all those who attend her that your perfect plan will be carried out in her life.  In your mercy, Lord, we pray for healing to her and comfort to all those who love her.  We stand against fear which might seek to overtake her in her waking moments, and ask for peace and trust to cover her in this difficult time.  We commit her to you, in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen

From Karen Burns —

We were able to talk with Elyse last evening.  Authorities felt that these smaller quakes were just a precursor for a much larger earthquake so the school closed the English camp the following morning. They then put Elyse and her roommate, Ammy, on a train to Taipei.  While on the train they realized their other two roommates were on the same train.  They were overjoyed to be together again.  They are now in Taipei, which is about a hundred miles north of the epicenter, but are still feeling the after shocks.  (They are on the seventh floor of the hotel, and it sways!!)   Elyse hasn’t slept much since Sunday and has a nasty cold, which complicates her sleeping now!  But they are doing well, and ready to get to steady, non-shaking ground.

Thank you so much for your prayers.



Just received —  “Hi everyone — we are all ok.  The earthquake hit the town we are staying in pretty hard, and there is extensive damage here.  Fortunately, the structure was sound enough in the school that nothing collapsed but I have truly never experienced anything quite like it.  We’ve continued to have earthquakes through the night and this morning, and now we are figuring out whether to continue camp or end early.  I am not sure if we have a safety plan with all the kids here.”

Thanks be to God for His goodness and His protection!  Lord, we continue to look to You,  for only in You, Lord, can we live in safety.  Amen