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Karla Herman is looking for three people to play Mary, Joseph and the Angel for the Christmas program this Friday.  The Keepsake Christmas cast members (Mary, Joseph and the Angel) interact with kids and families as they bring the Christmas story to life.  I am playing the part of the Keepsake conductor.

Below is the script for you to decide if this is something you can do.  Please contact me at 369-7220 ASAP if you can perform Mary, Joseph or the Angel on Friday.




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Greg Current’s brother, Geoff, had a stroke yesterday afternoon and is in the hospital in Ft. Wayne, IN (he was travelling when it occurred).  It’s doubly difficult with his being distant from family and friends.  Please keep Geoff, Greg, and the rest of the family in your prayers.

O Lord, who feels the pain of the world, and cares for all sick and suffering persons, enfolding them in your love; Grant that, in the midst of suffering and fear, Geoff may know your presence; to doctors and nurses  caring for him grant tender hearts and healing hands; and give health again in body and soul, for Jesus Christ’s sake and through his mercy.  Amen.


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Bulletins for This Weekend

Advent 2 Saturday Advent 2 Sunday   

Here are the bulletins for this weekend’s services — the 2nd Sunday in Advent.

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From Terri: 

The knee replacement surgery went well on Monday. I’m thankful for everyone’s prayers. I’m continuing to make good progress with physical therapy. It will be a few weeks until I will be able to return to church. 
I do welcome visitors. 



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Evensong for Advent

Wednesday Evening Prayer during Advent we will have Choral Evensong. If you have never attended a choral service of Evening Prayer, this is a beautiful and reflective addition to your Advent preparation.   Much of the service is sung, but there is also opportunity to reflect together on the scripture readings and offer our own prayers.  Starting at 7:00 p.m. and lasting about one hour, it is a beautiful and meaningful service which will provide an oasis of peace in the busyness of the season.


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For Advent Sunday School

Here is the website for finding various prayer and study resources from the ACNA which Fr. Isaac discussed in Sunday School today:


At this website, if you scroll down toward the bottom you will find Additional Resources and Translations.  If you want to download and print the collect, lessons, and gospels for each Sunday, click on “Leaflet Scripture Inserts — Year B”

If you want the daily lectionary readings for Advent which will be discussed on Sunday, December 17 and 24, just scroll up slightly from there to Calendars and Lectionaries and click on “Daily Office Lectionary”.

All material is available as both a pdf and a word document.


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Attached are the bulletins for services this weekend — The 1st Sunday in Advent.  Advent 1 Saturday Advent 1 Sunday

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