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Confirmation Class Information

Christ our Hope Confirmation Class:

 Dates: April 22-June 3-Every Sunday, during Sunday school hour (9:30-10:15)

Where: Large classroom in basement of the church

 Announcement of Confirmation Class:  Bishop Daniel Morse plans to visit Christ our Hope this year for his annual visit on June 17, 2018. In preparation for the bishop’s visit, we are offering a confirmation class to prepare those who will be confirmed when the bishop visits.

 WHEN: The confirmation class will be a seven week course, with classes every Sunday during Sunday school (9:30-10:15). We will still have the regular adult’s Sunday school and the children’s Sunday school classes in the same places, but the confirmation class will be in one of the basement classrooms. The first confirmation class will be on Sunday, April 22. Classes will be seven consecutive Sundays, with the final class being on June 3.

 NOTE: A certificate for completion of the course will be provided for those who attend 5 of the 7 classes.

 About the class: Our class this year is designed for adult confirmation (16 years and up), but younger teenagers are welcome. We have regular visitors who desire to understand more of our church and the Anglican way, so that they can possibly be confirmed and become members of the parish. Some of them have already served Christ for years in other areas of Christ’s church; and so Confirmation is acting for them as a membership class. Because of this, I have incorporated some elements that would be in a “new members” class for people who simply want to better understand our parish and the Anglican tradition. What is the REC and the ACNA? All of these will be addressed.

 But though someone taking this class will learn much about Anglican spirituality, tradition, and history, this class is not meant to confirm you into the Anglican church. As mentioned above, as Anglicans, we believe one is being confirmed as a member of Christ’s body. So as such, much of the class will be a focus on things that unite us all as Christians: The Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, the Bible and other things that should be basic for all Christians attempting to walk faithfully the Christian life. So the class will be much more than a new member’s class and will also function as a catechism summary.

 As such, I want to be sure to open up the invitation for the class to anyone in the parish who has not yet been confirmed.

 Taking the class is not a commitment to being confirmed. Some people have taken a confirmation class and then waited until the next year to be confirmed. So if you are not sure about being confirmed, perhaps the class will help you in your decision.

 Homework will be light, and most of the work will be in class discussion and reading. But there will be some homework.

 Please pray for the class to be edifying and successful in God’s will. And please pray for me, as I prepare for it and teach it. Pray also for our postulant Duane Veley who will be teaching two of the classes as part of his training for holy orders. And most of all, pray that God would direct the hearts of the those who he would have take the course and go on to be confirmed.

 May the Lord continue to grow us all in his grace and love, and we look forward in joy to the perfection that awaits us at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Sincerely and in His service,

Fr. Isaac Chavez

P.S. For anyone interested, be on the lookout for a blog later in the week giving some explanation of Confirmation and the importance of it in the life of the church.


Institution of Rector Fr. Isaac Chavez

Please join us this Sunday, April 8th, for the institution of our new permanent rector, Fr. Isaac Chavez. Fr. Chavez, a native of Santa Fe, NM, holds a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, completed a year-long chaplain internship through Kettering Health Network, and was ordained to the deaconate in 2015 and to the priesthood in 2016. He and his wife, Sarah, have been married for 11 years and have 5 children.