Easter Update from Elyse Burns

Happy Easter to all my family at Christ Our Hope! He is risen!

Easter has always been my favorite holiday and I’ve truly missed spending Holy Week with all of you. I led our Sunday night Bible study through some of the Lenten devotionals and explained the traditions and symbolism of Holy Week and the services that are held. I’m working on making all of them Anglican 😉

I wanted to share some of the festivities that have been happening in Kinmen!

Easter Story Time: I’ve been sharing the Easter story with my students again this year. It seems to really stick with some of them… Henry specifically is always touched by the crucifixion, Christ’s blood and the sadness of His friends. He drew this scene multiple times on his Easter egg and basically retold the story to me as he showed me his drawings.

Easter Egg Painting!  A big hit was egg painting…. the students painted letters on their eggs and we will use this as a spelling game for the Easter party that we will have next week. I always love watching the kids get creative – it brings out a part of their personality that you don’t see when reviewing vocabulary and grammar (ha!).

Easter Party: We have had multiple programs at school lately, so our Easter party will take place April 10. I’ll share the Easter story with the entire school and then we will have different games and activities.

Kinmen Church: Easter morning started with a sunrise service with all three sister churches on the island. Then, we had breakfast and each church went back to their towns and had their own service. In Jincheng, where I live, the church had an Easter parade through town. Parades are quite traditional here and anytime a city god is being worshiped, there is usually a large parade with costumes and music throughout the town and villages. It seems especially significant to participate in the same tradition, telling the story of our Lord’s love for all.

We passed out cupcakes and pamphlets explaining the Gospel. The pastor’s wife told the Easter story over a loud speaker and we stopped at multiple places in town and sang Easter songs. The reception was mixed… some people accepted the pamphlets and cupcakes and others refused them. I’ve been praying that regardless of the initial reception, the story would find further impact on their lives later on.

It’s been quite a busy time! I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of the work here and am overwhelmed by Christ’s sacrifice for all of us and the gift we have to be a part of the church body. I love and miss you all! Counting down the days until I’m home again.



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