A Note From Fr. Isaac

As I have been moved in the past to rejoice in the faithfulness of our Parish, I once again want to thank the congregation for its diligence and good service in putting together not only the Institution of the Rector service and the luncheon afterward, but also all the labor that went into Holy Week and Easter. It has been a busy time for our Parish, and I am so grateful to all who have given their time and talents to the worship and work of Our Lord. 

I want to specially thank: 

Terri Sebree for all the preparation and work put into the wonderful luncheon yesterday. 

Duane Veley for his willful service and helping me with all the various services; and always being ready to do what needs to be done. 

Greg Herman for all the work he put into getting the approval from the bishop and the standing committee so that I could be accepted as the rector. 

Stanley Rodriguez for his helpfulness, light-heartedness, and servant spirit. 

Martha Berger and Karen Burns for their service on the Altar Guild in making our service and church beautiful, and all the other gifts they bring. 

Paul Burns for stepping in whenever necessary and being faithful in his example as an elder of our church. 

Amanda Roberts for the special music yesterday and for the beautiful music provided for the Easter Service. 

Jeff and Roseanne Brown for their service throughout lent in the Lenten meals and beautiful evening prayer services, and for their extra help in reading and music throughout Holy Week.  

Dss Candy for laboring tirelessly to prepare the bulletins and to make sure that the various services of the last couple of weeks were done properly and as smoothly as possible.  

And I want to thank all the members of the church for their faithfulness to the house of God, and their hospitality and embracing of my family. I am honored to be the pastor of Christ our Hope, and I look forward to many years of fruitful worship and service with you all in the Vineyard of Our Lord. 

Sincerely and in Christ,

Isaac Chavez+



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