Month: April 2018

Men’s Bible Study This Week

The men’s Bible study will meet this Thursday at 6:30pm at Christ Our Hope. We will  be meeting the first and third Thursday of each month. This week we will discuss Proverbs 25. All men of the church (and their guests) are invited to join us.

Free Concert Tuesday Evening

Drawing Room Chamber Series

Tuesday, April 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Amanda Roberts and Friends

Featuring Amanda Roberts-hammered dulcimer; Suzanne Dickey-celtic harp; Joel Thompson-cello; Mike McDermott-guitar

Troy-Hayner Cultural Center

301 West Main Street, Troy Ohio

Summer Help Wanted

From Paul Burns:

Arbor Experts is looking for tree care technicians to work this summer. This is an ideal summer job for college students. The job will be from May through mid August. Candidates must be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license and a clean driving record. The technician will treat ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer. Work is outdoors. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Paul Burns at or call 937-233-4118.

Confirmation in the life of the Church

About Confirmation:

 Some people have asked me about the reason for Confirmation, so I wanted to give a pastoral explanation. Confirmation is an important step in a person’s life and it connects to their baptism. Baptism brings us into the church and gives us access to all the divine gifts of a child of God. But when one is young, one is carried along in their young faith by the faith of the community. Although often our children’s faith teaches the community and uplifts it, a child or even young convert still has much to learn about the spiritual life. We are called in God’s word to grow to be able to handle the “meat” of God’s word, and to become mature and wise in the ways and things of the Lord.  We must start with milk and the basics, but we must move on to maturity and growth in grace.

 As we grow, we  may abecome Christians who sense our callings. We begin to make personal commitments, or take an active part in the mission and witness of the church. We start to become a mature member  of the community that is guarding and handing down the faith once delivered to the saints. As we grow, we might begin to sense our callings, or to use our gifts willfully to build up the body. To perform some of our active and mature callings in the body of Christ, a person needs God’s help and grace for a mature walk. Confirmation marks this need for growth and maturity in the grace of God.

 Some have called Confirmation a rite, while others have called it a sacrament. One compromise that some Anglicans have used is to call it a “minor” sacrament, so as to distinguish it from the “major” sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. This designation of “minor sacrament” accepts that Confirmation functions primarily as a rite, but it also leaves room for the mystery of God working through this rite in a special and sacramental way in his church.

 Confirmation as a minor sacrament:

 Let us think for a moment how God might work through Confirmation to grow a person in grace and in the community.

 First, he uses this rite to confirm one’s understanding of the faith through confirmation preparation. This is a major purpose for our confirmation class. In our class, some will review what they know of the faith, learn more of what they didn’t know, and be challenged to grow in the faith they already have. This is formative and edifying for many.

 Secondly, the rite confirms one’s place in the community as a person now actively committed to the purpose of the gospel. At baptism everything is new. An infant can of course not speak for themselves, and often a new convert is still confused and needing instruction. At Baptism, they are giving themselves to the Lord in new faith, or being given to the Lord, but they are not always aware of the full nature of the vows and life in which they are committing.

 But when a person comes for Confirmation, it is them willfully and in knowledge confirming their baptismal vows to the church. They are confirming that they do agree with the faith they committed to or were committed to at baptism; and also they are acknowledging their conscious commitment to Christ and his church.  In this way, the person being confirmed is confirming his or her baptismal vows now that they understand more fully the faith and their new position in Christ. Confirmation can thus be seen as a personal and public commitment one is affirming before all.

 Thirdly, the bishop acts in the place of an apostle to confirm the person being confirmed has been rightly taught and believes truly the faith once delivered to the saints.

 And fourthly, the prayers we pray during the Confirmation service confirms our belief that God is working mysteriously through the rite. For in the rite, we are asking the Holy Spirit to strengthen and to continue to grow to full Christian maturity the person who is being confirmed. We believe God answers the prayers of his people who pray in his will. And we believe a person’s sanctification and maturity is God’s good will. Therefore, we believe God acts in answer to our prayers as a community, and honors the vows and commitments being made by those being confirmed.

 So Confirmation is a time for a person to grow in grace in dedication to God, in commitment to the church community, and in confidence in their gospel witness. And we can also see how through all this, the church community is grown in unity and mission as more people are confirmed in their commitments to Christ. As such, it is proper to understand Confirmation as a minor sacrament, which means a rite by which God works mysteriously to give us his grace.

 Confirmation as a Rite

 Now as a rite, Confirmation functions as a Rite of Passage in the Church. Many cultures have rites of passages that basically confirm that this person is now an adult or “prepared” member of the society. For the church, we believe that a person who is confirmed has went through the proper Instruction process necessary to live an adult Christian life; and also we believe that the person being confirmed has been acquainted with the tools for spiritual warfare so that they can serve the church in mission as an active member of the body of Christ. Therefore, as a rite, it is proper to see Confirmation as a rite of passage in the Christian community.

 Therefore Confirmation is an integral part of the church’s life together, and something to be prepared for and to be done in rejoicing. If you have any personal questions, please feel free to contact the church through phone or e-mail, or to let me know when you see me in person.


 Sincerely and in Christ,


Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

Just a reminder that the men of the church will meet Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. for their monthly Men’s Fellowship Breakfast.  Duane Veley is chef extraordinaire for this month’s breakfast, so come and be prepared to enjoy a tasty meal with your brothers.  A time of fellowship, encouragement, and prayer for all the men of the parish.  Please try to attend!

Confirmation Class Information

Christ our Hope Confirmation Class:

 Dates: April 22-June 3-Every Sunday, during Sunday school hour (9:30-10:15)

Where: Large classroom in basement of the church

 Announcement of Confirmation Class:  Bishop Daniel Morse plans to visit Christ our Hope this year for his annual visit on June 17, 2018. In preparation for the bishop’s visit, we are offering a confirmation class to prepare those who will be confirmed when the bishop visits.

 WHEN: The confirmation class will be a seven week course, with classes every Sunday during Sunday school (9:30-10:15). We will still have the regular adult’s Sunday school and the children’s Sunday school classes in the same places, but the confirmation class will be in one of the basement classrooms. The first confirmation class will be on Sunday, April 22. Classes will be seven consecutive Sundays, with the final class being on June 3.

 NOTE: A certificate for completion of the course will be provided for those who attend 5 of the 7 classes.

 About the class: Our class this year is designed for adult confirmation (16 years and up), but younger teenagers are welcome. We have regular visitors who desire to understand more of our church and the Anglican way, so that they can possibly be confirmed and become members of the parish. Some of them have already served Christ for years in other areas of Christ’s church; and so Confirmation is acting for them as a membership class. Because of this, I have incorporated some elements that would be in a “new members” class for people who simply want to better understand our parish and the Anglican tradition. What is the REC and the ACNA? All of these will be addressed.

 But though someone taking this class will learn much about Anglican spirituality, tradition, and history, this class is not meant to confirm you into the Anglican church. As mentioned above, as Anglicans, we believe one is being confirmed as a member of Christ’s body. So as such, much of the class will be a focus on things that unite us all as Christians: The Creed, The Lord’s Prayer, the Bible and other things that should be basic for all Christians attempting to walk faithfully the Christian life. So the class will be much more than a new member’s class and will also function as a catechism summary.

 As such, I want to be sure to open up the invitation for the class to anyone in the parish who has not yet been confirmed.

 Taking the class is not a commitment to being confirmed. Some people have taken a confirmation class and then waited until the next year to be confirmed. So if you are not sure about being confirmed, perhaps the class will help you in your decision.

 Homework will be light, and most of the work will be in class discussion and reading. But there will be some homework.

 Please pray for the class to be edifying and successful in God’s will. And please pray for me, as I prepare for it and teach it. Pray also for our postulant Duane Veley who will be teaching two of the classes as part of his training for holy orders. And most of all, pray that God would direct the hearts of the those who he would have take the course and go on to be confirmed.

 May the Lord continue to grow us all in his grace and love, and we look forward in joy to the perfection that awaits us at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Sincerely and in His service,

Fr. Isaac Chavez

P.S. For anyone interested, be on the lookout for a blog later in the week giving some explanation of Confirmation and the importance of it in the life of the church.


Young Adult Luncheon Sunday

Reminder:  The young adults of the parish will have their monthly luncheon this coming Sunday after the service.  Please meet at the back of the sanctuary so we can decide where we want to go for lunch.  If you consider yourself a “young adult”, you are most welcome to join us.  For questions, please see Emma Veley.

Last Call for Women’s Day Luncheon

If you plan to attend, please let Dss Candy know by the end of the day on Friday, April 13.  Thank you.

Women’s Day Luncheon

April 21, 2018

11:30 am

The REC women of Cincinnati and Dayton are cordially invited

to attend the first regional women’s luncheon of the

Committee on Women’s Ministry in the Diocese of the Central

States. Rt. Reverend Peter F. Manto will be leading a

discussion on carrying out the REC 100 initiative. Lunch will

be provided.


Easter Update from Elyse Burns

Happy Easter to all my family at Christ Our Hope! He is risen!

Easter has always been my favorite holiday and I’ve truly missed spending Holy Week with all of you. I led our Sunday night Bible study through some of the Lenten devotionals and explained the traditions and symbolism of Holy Week and the services that are held. I’m working on making all of them Anglican 😉

I wanted to share some of the festivities that have been happening in Kinmen!

Easter Story Time: I’ve been sharing the Easter story with my students again this year. It seems to really stick with some of them… Henry specifically is always touched by the crucifixion, Christ’s blood and the sadness of His friends. He drew this scene multiple times on his Easter egg and basically retold the story to me as he showed me his drawings.

Easter Egg Painting!  A big hit was egg painting…. the students painted letters on their eggs and we will use this as a spelling game for the Easter party that we will have next week. I always love watching the kids get creative – it brings out a part of their personality that you don’t see when reviewing vocabulary and grammar (ha!).

Easter Party: We have had multiple programs at school lately, so our Easter party will take place April 10. I’ll share the Easter story with the entire school and then we will have different games and activities.

Kinmen Church: Easter morning started with a sunrise service with all three sister churches on the island. Then, we had breakfast and each church went back to their towns and had their own service. In Jincheng, where I live, the church had an Easter parade through town. Parades are quite traditional here and anytime a city god is being worshiped, there is usually a large parade with costumes and music throughout the town and villages. It seems especially significant to participate in the same tradition, telling the story of our Lord’s love for all.

We passed out cupcakes and pamphlets explaining the Gospel. The pastor’s wife told the Easter story over a loud speaker and we stopped at multiple places in town and sang Easter songs. The reception was mixed… some people accepted the pamphlets and cupcakes and others refused them. I’ve been praying that regardless of the initial reception, the story would find further impact on their lives later on.

It’s been quite a busy time! I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of the work here and am overwhelmed by Christ’s sacrifice for all of us and the gift we have to be a part of the church body. I love and miss you all! Counting down the days until I’m home again.



A Note From Fr. Isaac

As I have been moved in the past to rejoice in the faithfulness of our Parish, I once again want to thank the congregation for its diligence and good service in putting together not only the Institution of the Rector service and the luncheon afterward, but also all the labor that went into Holy Week and Easter. It has been a busy time for our Parish, and I am so grateful to all who have given their time and talents to the worship and work of Our Lord. 

I want to specially thank: 

Terri Sebree for all the preparation and work put into the wonderful luncheon yesterday. 

Duane Veley for his willful service and helping me with all the various services; and always being ready to do what needs to be done. 

Greg Herman for all the work he put into getting the approval from the bishop and the standing committee so that I could be accepted as the rector. 

Stanley Rodriguez for his helpfulness, light-heartedness, and servant spirit. 

Martha Berger and Karen Burns for their service on the Altar Guild in making our service and church beautiful, and all the other gifts they bring. 

Paul Burns for stepping in whenever necessary and being faithful in his example as an elder of our church. 

Amanda Roberts for the special music yesterday and for the beautiful music provided for the Easter Service. 

Jeff and Roseanne Brown for their service throughout lent in the Lenten meals and beautiful evening prayer services, and for their extra help in reading and music throughout Holy Week.  

Dss Candy for laboring tirelessly to prepare the bulletins and to make sure that the various services of the last couple of weeks were done properly and as smoothly as possible.  

And I want to thank all the members of the church for their faithfulness to the house of God, and their hospitality and embracing of my family. I am honored to be the pastor of Christ our Hope, and I look forward to many years of fruitful worship and service with you all in the Vineyard of Our Lord. 

Sincerely and in Christ,

Isaac Chavez+



Young Adult Luncheon — Next Sunday

The young adults will be having their monthly lunch on Sunday, April 15. Please meet in the back of the sanctuary immediately following the service and we’ll decide on a restaurant.

Please see Emma Veley with any questions. Hope you can join us!


Institution of Rector Fr. Isaac Chavez

Please join us this Sunday, April 8th, for the institution of our new permanent rector, Fr. Isaac Chavez. Fr. Chavez, a native of Santa Fe, NM, holds a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, completed a year-long chaplain internship through Kettering Health Network, and was ordained to the deaconate in 2015 and to the priesthood in 2016. He and his wife, Sarah, have been married for 11 years and have 5 children.

Tuesday in Easter Week

O God, who by the glorious resurrection of your Son Jesus Christ destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light: Grant that we,

who have been raised with him, may abide in his presence and rejoice in the hope of eternal glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom,

with you and the Holy Spirit, be honor and glory, now and for ever. Amen.

Monday of Easter Week

Monday of Easter Week

Grant, we pray, Almighty God, that we who celebrate with reverence the Paschal feast may be made worthy to attain to everlasting joys;

through Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
Also a reminder that there is a said service of Holy Communion today at noon at the church.

REC Regional Women’s Luncheon

If you would like to attend this luncheon, please call or email Dss Candy who will provide list to the Trinity REC representative.  (937-572-6682  or

Women’s Day Luncheon

April 21, 2018

11:30 am

The REC women of Cincinnati and Dayton are cordially invited to attend the first regional women’s luncheon of the

Committee on Women’s Ministry in the Diocese of the Central States. Rt. Reverend Peter F. Manto will be leading a

discussion on carrying out the REC 100 initiative. Lunch will be provided. Please have a parish representative submit a list

of attendees to by April 14.

Trinity REC Church

5920 Butler-Warren Road

Mason, OH 45040