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From Fr. Isaac

Dear church family of Christ Our Hope,

I want to give you a heartfelt thanks for the participation and servant spirit that I witnessed at the memorial service of Tom Berger, now of blessed memory. I was moved by the joyful and willing spirit I saw in all of you and want to thank you all: the Altar Guild, the Chalice Bearers and Acolytes, the Sound and Slide team, the Greeters, the Woman’s Ministry in their setting up of the reception, everyone who stayed after to clean, and anyone who volunteered their time and gifts to serve the parish and especially Martha and her family in their time of need.

I want to give special appreciation to those who came at various times before the day of the service to help prepare for the day. Namely Dss. Candy for her diligence in preparing the bulletins and coordinating all the volunteers; Duane Veley  who helped prepare for the service in many ways for weeks prior and then assisted during the service; and finally Rosanne Brown, who helped prepare the music for the service and then at the service offered her musical gifts.

This is the striving together in the unity of love that the Scriptures speak of, and I pray in the days and years to come we continue to spread this charity, unity, and servant-spirit to one another so that it would overflow more abundantly into our families and communities.

God bless you all for your ministry in our Lord’s vineyard, and I encourage you to keep our dear sister Martha in your prayers and concerns.

In Christ and his Bride,

Fr. Isaac Chavez

Interim Rector, Christ Our Hope


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Megan Burns’ boss has a sixteen year old son, Drew, who has Autoimmune Encephalitis.  He has been sick for a while, but had a serious seizure last night and was taken to the hospital.  He has been unresponsive since 3am (central time). Please pray for Drew and his family.  Thank you.

Father of all mercy, we pray for your child Drew, and ask that you would heal him of this sickness and the seizures resulting from it.  We pray for peace in this child — body, soul, and spirit — and comfort and encouragement to his family.  We entrust them all into your loving care and keeping, as we pray in the mighty Name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. 


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Jane Deeter Jones’ mother, Betty, passed away yesterday in Washington, D.C.  Jane had been able to be with her mother in recent days, caring for her.  Please pray for comfort for Jane and family.

Almighty God, receive your child Betty into the fullness of life in your eternal Kingdom, and grant that she, with all your saints, may receive the crown of life which you have promised.  Comfort the family and give them peace as they await the day when all will be reunited in your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, in whose Name we pray.  Amen.

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Kiara is back from the hospital and the MRI results came back normal. She’s been taking medicines to treat the flu and her body is responding well to those so we are assuming that’s what she’s had. Yesterday she was moving around more and able to drive again so she’s almost back to normal now. Also – her sister, niece and brother-in-law made it to Taiwan yesterday. THANK YOU for all of your prayers!


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Karla Herman is looking for a few volunteers to man the nursery during the memorial tomorrow. If you know of anyone that could do it (teenagers?) please contact Karla Herman

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Attached are the bulletins for this weekend’s services (the 21st Sunday after Pentecost and Tom Berger’s Memorial Service.)

Pentecost 21 10-29-17 Saturday Pentecost 21 Tom Berger

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Prayer Update from Taiwan

Church Family –  

Your prayers for my roommate, Kiara, are much appreciated! Kiara had been having some health concerns a few weeks ago and suddenly came down with a very bad migraine and high fever last Friday. She spent the night in the ER and was sent home with medicine, only to be taken back to the hospital on Monday. Unfortunately, most of the tests have been inconclusive, BUT after a really bad day on Monday, she made a lot of progress yesterday and has been coherent and able to move around, talk and eat. Her fever is gone this morning (praise God!) and she is now waiting for an MRI. 

 Please pray that she continues to get better and that if there are further underlying issues (outside of things common during this time of year, i.e. a virus or the flu), that the MRI would uncover that and make it apparent. It’s been difficult for her to go through this being so far from home and family, but her sister has made arrangements to be here on Saturday, which I know is a relief for her and her parents. 

 I will keep you updated. Thanks again.



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