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Attached are the bulletins for the services this weekend — the 4th Sunday after Pentecost. Saturday July 1 Eucharist   Pentecost 4 07-02-17


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We have set up a sign up sheet to take meals to Martha Berger on Monday and Wednesday nights. You can sign up at www.takethemameal.com. In the FIND box on the home page sign in with the last name Berger and the password of 1012. That should take you right to their page and you can sign up. PLEASE take just one-two servings at a time. Think of having Martha at your table for dinner and put her servings in a container to take to her. Then she can think of eating with you/your family when she eats it. There is no need for casseroles or very much food. Tom is not able to eat so we are helping Martha out a couple of times a week on the days she requested.  

She also has need of someone to sit with Tom while she is out. You would not have to do anything regarding medicines or anything else. It would be Tuesday evening 5:30-8:30 and Friday noon- 1:45ish. Please let Martha know what day you can help out in that way.  

Thank you for your help.


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Tom Berger is home, under Hospice care, as of last evening (Friday).  Visits are wonderful, but please call first to be sure it’s a good time.  (937) 546-7248   Once again, thank you for your prayers and support.

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Attached are the bulletins for services on Saturday and Sunday — the Third Sunday after Pentecost.  Pentecost 3 06-25-17 Saturday Pentecost 3 06-25-17

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From Anita Evanhoe —

The Victory Project is in need of a volunteer to help keep the VP website up to date. They currently use Blue Host/Wordpress and would very much like to have someone familiar with this format to manage the site.  Every couple weeks staff would email information, new pics, and events for you to post.   Please contact me if you or someone you know could help out this way. https://dash.37signals.com/beanstalk/beacon.gif?return_receipt=RR/BC/eb9a3e0e32dee345a0b4b0f99986b1ecAnita Evanhoe verbalchild@gmail.com (937) 623-2570


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Thank You from Iraq

Dear COH,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued support—it seems your funds come at just the right time, and clearly God has a plan in place J

Our field hospital is seeing (sadly) more women and children than we anticipated in a combat zone. I recently learned that the hospital only has size 1 and adult diapers on-hand.  With all of the injuries they are seeing many of the children; even older children have to use a diaper because they are unable to walk or because their bandages are carefully placed, but prohibitive of basic body functions.  The newborn size 1 diapers were difficult to use and the adult diapers literally swamped the rest of the kids.  Our staff was making do, but clearly we had a gap to fill.  Your recent funds came at just the right time and we were able to purchase a wide variety of sizes to meet the needs of every size of patient for quite a while.  Our staff are so grateful and I know our patients will be much more comfortable with such a practical, but very necessary item.

In addition, a baby was born in Mosul after just 32 weeks of pregnancy. Miraculously, the mother was able to keep him alive without any kind of medical intervention whatsoever.  However, he was growing weaker as the stress of her situation left her unable to provide him the nutrition he needed.  He came to our hospital at just one month old—the teeniest, tiniest little fella.  His mother kept him at a distance; presumably because she feared she would lose him (she’d already lost two other children and her husband in the fighting).  I used some of the funds you sent to purchase clothes, teeny diapers, bottles, etc. and sent them out to the hospital immediately after hearing of his arrival.  The nurses told me that the first time they saw the mother genuinely smile was when she opened the packages!  Below are some photos of a few of his gifts and little man is tucked inside of the pink blanket on the bed, but we are not able to take pictures of our patients so you will have to imagine a still-tiny, but now growing little miracle who has a fresh start  with thanks to you!

Thank you, thank you!

Sarah Nowery

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Tom is still in Hospice of Dayton.  Martha reports that the effort to get his meds balanced is not easy.  The hope is that he will be able to come home  perhaps Friday, but it’s not a certainty.  Martha does not have phone reception inside Hospice, but can receive texts.  Short visits are also permitted.

Lord Jesus Christ, who ever lives to make intercession for us, we pray for your servant Tom in this time of great suffering, that you would hold him in your arms and make your presence known to him; and that he would comprehend the vastness of your love for him and feel that peace which only you can give.  We thank you for your goodness, compassion, and lovingkindness.  Amen

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