Month: February 2017

Prayer Request Update — Bill Saunders

From Chuck Evanhoe:   I received a short note from Bill Saunders from this morning.  (Many of us have been praying for him in his battle with cancer.)   He said “I am now in the Hospice of Dayton.”  No other details. Please pray for Bill and his family in Bill’s last days and for Bill’s family in the days following.  Thank you for your prayers.

O Lord, who feels the pain of the world; look with mercy, we pray, upon our brother whose sickness and suffering are beyond the reach of human skill. To you alone belongs the power of life, and he is yours. We entrust him to your loving care knowing that you care for him.  We also pray for his family, that they may feel the comfort of your presence in this time and know your sustaining power to keep them.  We pray this in the name of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.  Amen



Praise Report from Voice of the Martyrs

Fr. Harry asked for this to be published.  Thank you for your prayers!

After 445 days in prison in Sudan, Czech national Petr Jasek has been set free. He flew out of Sudan Sunday afternoon along with Czech Republic Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek. Jasek, arrested in December 2015, had served as VOM’s Africa Regional Director. He was reunited with his wife and two grown children last night in Prague. We are so thankful for all those who prayed for Petr and his family. Many also wrote letters to the Sudanese government on behalf of Petr and two Sudanese men sentenced with him. THANK YOU! From the earliest days of his imprisonment, Petr said many times, “God holds the key to my cell.” We are thankful that God used that key to open the door, and we pray that He will also open the cell doors to allow the two Sudanese men, one of whom is a pastor, also to go free. Petr was arrested in December 2015, after visiting Sudanese Christians and helping one of them with a small gift to cover medical expenses. Last month a Sudanese court found him guilty of “waging war against the state,” “violating restrictions in military areas,” “spreading rumors to defame the state,” “espionage” and “inciting strife between communities.” He was sentenced to 24 years in prison. Since that sentence was announced, negotiations have been ongoing between the Czech government and the government of Sudan.
Please continue to pray for Rev. Hassan Abduraheem and Abdulmonem Abdumawla, who can be seen with Petr in the photo above, and were sentenced to 12 years in prison for allegedly aiding Petr’s espionage activities. Pray that they will be released soon, and pray for their families. Pray also for Petr Jasek and his family as they reunite and as Petr begins to recover from the physical toll that 14 months in prison has wrought.

Three Ways to Support Families of Prisoners

Prayer Request — Matt Evanhoe

We are requesting prayers for Matt Evanhoe in his search for employment.  He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a BS in Materials Science and Engineering, and an MS in Chemical Engineering.  He had been seeking employment in the Space industry, but after a great deal of fruitless effort, he is trying something different. Matt recently completed a certification to teach English as a foreign language and is looking for positions in Japan. Ideally, I would like to teach Science or Engineering in English at university but is also interested in teaching English.  So please pray for  either an engineering job or a smooth transition to teaching overseas.

Father,  we thank you that you have provided wonderful education for our brother Matt and we know that your character never wastes anything.  We therefore pray for suitable employment where Matt can use the skills you have given him and where his efforts can bring glory to you.  We ask this for the sake of your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen

Prayer Request for Jailed Pastor

Father Harry asked that this be posted and that we all join in prayer for this brother in Christ.


Six-Second Phone Call = Two-Year Prison Sentence
Yuri Pak was a high school dean and lay leader in his church. His church, which held services in Russian and Kazakh, was viewed as actively trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. When one of Yuri’s high school students “borrowed” his phone and made a prank emergency call with it, authorities jumped at the chance to arrest the Christian leader. They charged him with calling in a bomb threat, and they played a two-minute recording of the alleged call during the trial even though phone records show the call from his phone lasted only six seconds. Though there was little evidence to support the prosecution, Yuri was sentenced to two years in jail, a verdict widely seen as retaliation for his church involvement. Yuri is currently being held in a detention center where he cannot receive mail, and his wife and two children long for his return. We invite you to pray for Yuri Pak and other Christians imprisoned for their faith. Pray that they will be reminded of God’s love for them and will have opportunities to witness for Christ. Please also pray for their families. Invite Christian friends to join you in prayer by forwarding this email to them.
Once you’ve forwarded the email, click the link below to request a free Prisoner Prayer Band from VOM. Every time you place this band on your wrist, it will remind you to pray for imprisoned Christians like Yuri Pak.

I’ve Asked Friends to Join in Prayer

Please Send Me a Free Prisoner Prayer Band


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Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

The men of the church will meet for breakfast this coming Saturday, February 18, at 7:30 a.m.  Pat Prenger and Gwynne Jones will be cooking up a great breakfast for all.  Come and enjoy a wonderful time of food and fellowship.  We hope to see you there, men!