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Is anyone available to work in the nursery during Sunday School tomorrow, Oct.30?  Please message Karla Herman if you are able to staff the nursery tomorrow. Thanks!


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Prayer Request – Jeff Brown

From Rosanne:

“Jeff remains in the hospital following the cardiac ablation procedure.  Please continue to pray that his physical discomfort would be eased, the bleeding would stop, and that he would tolerate the pain medications well. Please no visitors at this time.  We love you all, and feel the blessing and comfort of your prayers for us.  We are very grateful. ”

Our Father and our God, we continue to look to you for the healing and comfort of our brother Jeff, and for the encouragement and strengthening of our sister Rosanne.  We thank you for your perfect timing, that you kept them at the hospital so that proper medical attention was quickly available when there were complications.  We acknowledge your sovereignty over all things and praise you for it.  Our confidence is in your great love for your children and for your promise that you hear us when we pray, as we do now, in the strong and mighty Name of Jesus.  Amen 

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Update — Jeff Brown

Jeff came through his cardiac ablation procedure very well and it was successful.  However, he is in a fair amount of discomfort currently, hopes to be able to go home soon.  Jeff and Rosanne are grateful for the prayers and support and now just need a good night’s rest.

O gracious Father, we thank you for protecting our brother Jeff and for bringing him through this difficult procedure.  Nothing is too difficult for you, O Lord, and we are so very grateful. We now ask for good rest and restoration of perfect health for both Jeff and Rosanne, and we thank you for your love and care, in the precious Name of your son, our savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen

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Bulletin for October 29-30

Attached is the bulletin for use this weekend — the Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost.  024pentecost10-22-2016

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Prayer Request – Jeff Brown

I will be having a cardiac catheter ablation procedure on Thursday, the 27th, to hopefully fix my atrial arrhythmia. This procedure can last up to 3 hrs under anesthesia, can be physically exhausting for the electro-physiologist (the doctor performing the procedure), can have some very serious complications (rare) and may not solve the problem completely.  I’m told that there is a high probability of success (70-90%) in my case, but may have to be done again. I ask your prayers for me and Dr Jafri and all the medical staff, for Dr Jafri’s stamina (I may be his 2nd procedure that day), that the procedure is successful the first time, and that there are no complications during the procedure.

The procedure is technically not a surgery, as it’s done through catheters inserted in veins, but involves making many burns inside the heart (while beating) to create scar tissue to block extra electrical signals that are the source of the arrhythmia. Sounds complicated, and it makes me a bit apprehensive, but the only alternative is to live with the arrhythmia.

Thank you in advance for your prayers,


Gracious Father who always delights in giving good gifts to your children, we pray for your protection for our brother during this time.  We ask that, by your Holy Spirit, you would comfort him and give such an awareness of your presence that he may be calm and peaceful before, during, and after the procedure.  We pray for the doctor and staff, that you would give them strength, wisdom, and skill and that Jeff would enjoy a completely successful outcome — for which we give you all the praise and glory, as we ask through the mighty name of your son, our savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen

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Fr. Harry asked that this be posted for any who might be interested in attending.

For those wishing to register for the March for Life and Summit 2017, please go to the link below:

*********REGISTER HEREhttp://anglicansforlife.org/summit-2017/



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Bulletin for October 22-23

Attached is the bulletin for this weekend, the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost.  023pentecost10-22-2016

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