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Tailgate Party Invitation

From Jenny Downey –Continuing our tradition, on Sunday, July 3rd, Christ the King will host a tailgate party at 7pm in the church parking lot. Bring your own food/drink and a musical instrument! Then, we will walk together to the fireworks at the Riverfront. Hope many of you can join the fun!


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The Home Fellowship Group will meet on SATURDAY, July 2 (not Friday) at 6:00 at Dave and Theresa Whorton’s home. They will provide burgers and brats. Others can bring picnic food to share.. Call Theresa with questions: 239-8767. Also, per the announcement made on Sunday, if you have an American flag that needs to be properly disposed of, please bring it along. Dave will conduct a de-commissioning ceremony and burning.

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Women’s Book Study

The Women’s Book Study will meet this coming Thursday (June 30) at Martha Berger’s home, 310 North Central Avenue in Fairborn. If you have questions or need directions, give Martha a call at 546-7248. All women of the church are welcome. We are currently studying 12 Women of the Bible.

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Parish Directory Being Updated

Anita Evanhoe has graciously volunteered to update and produce a new parish directory. If you are not currently in the directory, or if any of your information has changed, please let Anita know by email at verbalchild@gmail.com or by phone at 937-623-2570 or get with her at church. The directory lists name, address, phone, email, and birthday (year not required) of each family member. You may also choose to omit certain parts of that information. As a reminder, this directory is not online anywhere and we do not provide it to anyone outside of the parish. Thanks for your assistance!

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Chuck Evanhoe is home from the hospital.  The gall bladder procedure today went very well and he is now recovering.

O Lord, whose compassions fail not, and whose mercies are new every morning; We thank you that it has pleased you to give our brother Chuck both relief from pain and hope of renewed health.  We pray that you will continue in him the good work you have begun; that, daily increasing in strength, and humbly rejoicing in your goodness, he may order his life in a way that pleases you, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen


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Update — Jeff Brown

Just heard from Rosanne that Jeff had a cardiac conversion procedure this morning which was successful in getting his heart back into normal rhythm.  Thanks be to God!   He will be at the hospital for a couple more hours in recovery and will then be allowed to go home.

Almighty Father God, we bless you for your presence, your comfort, and your healing in the life of our brother Jeff.  We pray that his recovery will be swift and complete and we are so eternally grateful for your lovingkindness to him and to us all.  We thank you in the Name of your son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen

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Prayer Request — Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown was admitted to Soin Medical Center this afternoon with irregular heartbeat.  An attempt to shock his heart back into sinus rhythm was not successful so he has been admitted for observation and perhaps additional procedure.  We should be able to provide an update on his condition tomorrow morning at church.  Thank you for your prayers.

O Almighty God, the source and giver of all health, and the aid of all that turn to you; We pray for your mercy on behalf of your servant Jeff, that he may be healed of this heart infirmity.  So fill his heart with faith in your love that, with calm expectancy, he may await your power working in him and gracefully receive your healing, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen






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