Month: January 2016

Confirmation Gratitude

Dear Parish,

What a wonderful celebration we had yesterday, as Bishop Peter Manto confirmed 10 and received 2, all publicly proclaiming that they have chosen to follow our Lord Jesus as Anglican Christians!

I want to thank you all for the many and varied ways that this came about! I also wish to thank the following people for their significant contributions:

– Bishop Peter & Janice Manto for traveling up from Mason to care for us in this way

– Our Deaconess Candy Jacques for designing the curriculum and scheduling and facilitating the preparing of our confirmands and organizing and publicizing the confirmation service.

– Jeff & Rosanne Brown, for the wonderful worship music

– Karen Burns, for always laboring in love to prepare our complicated bulletin

– Greg and Joe Herman for preparing the projected parts of the service and running the sound

– Our Altar Guild (Karen, Martha & Brenna) for always making our altar so beautiful and worshipful

– Our Acolytes, (this time Michael & Maria) led by Michael Evanhoe, who assist me (and this time Bp Manto, too) in numerous ways

– Our Chalice Bearers, for quietly serving in such a beautiful and crucial way

– Barb Zepernick and Leslie Moore, along with the Thursday Morning Ladies group for setting up the lovely luncheon after

– Tom & Martha Berger, Stanley Rodriques, Terri Sebree, Theresa Whorton and numerous others who constantly work behind the scenes to make coffee, set up refreshments, keep the kitchen running and clean up after!

– And last, but certainly not least, for all of our Prayer Team, and all who prayed for us, whose crucial role only our Lord fully grasps!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being the Body of Christ! It is such a blessing to be on this journey with you!


Bulletin for Sunday, January 24 and Lunch Reminder

Attached is the bulletin for this coming Sunday, the 3rd Sunday after Epiphany.  As a reminder, we are welcoming our Suffragan Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Peter Manto, for confirmation and reception of 12 of our parishioners — a wonderful event!  There will be a carry-in lunch following the service.  Please bring a main dish and a side or salad to share.  Cake will be provided.  Let’s all be there to support our new confirmands!   003 Sunday After Epiphany -01-24-2016

Carry-In Lunch to Honor Newly Confirmed on Sunday

Just a reminder that we will welcome Bp. Peter Manto and his wife Janice on Sunday, January 24.  Bp. Manto will confirm 12 members of our parish and we will celebrate with them afterwards with a carry-in lunch (and cake!) Please bring a main dish and a salad or a side dish for our communal lunch table.  If you have any questions, please call Sherry Mathis  (937-999-8363)

Further Canterbury Follow-Up

Dear Members of the College of Bishops –

Greetings from Canterbury!  Again, thank you for your prayers for our Archbishop as he leads the team here.  We can all truly sense the Lord’s presence among us in our work here.

A brief update:

– Archbishop Foley left the Primates Meeting on Thursday afternoon before the meeting fully concluded on Friday.

– Friday was spent at St. Mary’s C of E where Archbishop Foley and Bishop Charlie spent the day fielding television, radio and print interviews.  Canon Andrew has been doing an amazing job sorting media requests with GAFCON and he and I have been providing background and source material for reporters with the help of the AAC.

– The final communique from the Primates Meeting (ACO) is here:

– The Archbishop preaches on Sunday morning at River Parish (C of E) in Dover, Kent. (The New York Times indicated they would send a reporter there to cover the Archbishop’s visit along with some other local papers.)

– Our team returns home for North America on Monday.

Here is a roundup of just some of the news reports making the rounds in the last 2 days:

Church Times

Anglican Journal (Canada) –

This admission from the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada was stunning:

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, acknowledged tonight that the decision by the majority of primates to temporarily restrict the Episcopal Church’s participation in the Anglican Communion’s decision-making related to doctrine and polity “will weigh into” the Anglican Church of Canada’s own deliberations about same-sex marriage this July.  He said that primates had “struggled with the fragility of our relations” in response to The Episcopal Church’s decision. “We talked, prayed and wrestled with the consequences considered by the meeting. Some of us wept,” said Hiltz. 



The New York Times – #1

The New York Times – #2

Christianity Today

Washington Post


Bishop Charlie Masters is quoted here:

According to Charlie Masters, a conservative bishop from Canada, there was still a real possibility that the Anglican communion could permanently split over the issue of homosexuality. “The message which comes from these sanctions is that the biblical standard must be held by all,” he said. “Unless the church comes to a common mind about whether the Bible is the basis on which we understand everything, we won’t be able to come together. 

“This is serious for sure. No one can sweep it under the carpet. The possibility of a split is very real. Unity at all costs that doesn’t deal with the core issues is no unity at all.”

Finally, here is a roundup of the statements:

Here is the GAFCON statement:

Update from Archbishop Beach:

Update from Bishop Charlie Masters:


The official statement from the Primates Meeting:

Thank you for your prayer support and encouragement!

For the Archbishop,


The Venerable Canon Dr. Jon I. Lumanog

Canon to the Archbishop & Chief Operations Officer


Follow-up on Meeting at Canterbury

Dear Members of the College of Bishops –

Archbishop Foley and I are at Heathrow en route back home to Atlanta.  We cannot thank you enough for your prayers which have sustained us and our entire team (ACNA, GAFCON and AAC) this past week in Canterbury for the Primates Meeting.

The Archbishop recommends that our Bishops take a moment to communicate about the Primates Meeting to their respective Dioceses.

Here are a few examples that the Archbishop commends to you for reference in writing to your Diocese:

From Bishop Jack Iker:

From Bishop Todd Hunter:

From Bishop Charlie Masters:

Finally, you may also want to direct your people to the official statements following the Primates Meeting:

Archbishop Foley’s interview with AnglicanTV (NEW – posted 17 Jan 2016):

Here is the GAFCON statement: Update from Archbishop Beach: The official statement from the Primates Meeting:

For the Archbishop,


The Venerable Canon Dr. Jon I. Lumanog

Canon to the Archbishop & Chief Operations Officer

Prayer Request — Bp. Morse

From Fr. Franklin Sanders:

Dear Fathers, Brothers, & Sisters:

This morning Bishop Morse left Lynchburg, Virginia headed toward Roanoke.  As he neared Roanoke he slowed down in a construction zone to about 25 mph to allow two other drives to merge from the left.  Out of nowhere an 18 year old in a big monster truck traveling 55 mph plowed into his rear end.

By the great mercies of God, Bishop Morse is unharmed.  However, the back door of his SUV is demolished, including the window.  Car was barely drivable, but without a rear window in this weather Bishop Morse would have been freeze dried before he got to the Tennessee line, let alone to Nashville.

The other driver’s insurance company has provided Bishop Morse with a rental car, and he will drive back to Nashville tomorrow.  Problem with a wreck like this is that Bishop Morse’s car was new with only 40,000 miles, and of course no insurance company ever wants to make you whole for your loss.

Would you please pray, thanking God for sparing Bishop Morse to us and protecting him, and asking God to replace his wrecked car with the equal?

Heavenly Father, we praise your Holy Name and thank you that you protected your servant and our beloved Bishop Dan.  Surely you do send your angels to bear us up in their arms.  Grant Bishop Dan, we pray, peace of mind and calm in the aftermath of this accident.  We confess that you are the God of boundless power, and that nothing, not even insurance companies, stand beyond your power.  Provide, Father, a car for Bishop Morse a car even better than the one he has lost, and move the hearts of all he has to deal with in that insurance company to compassion and honesty and diligence on his behalf, and we thank you for your provision, knowing that you hear and are pleased to answer our prayers for Jesus Christ’s sake.  Amen.

Best wishes,

The Rev. Franklin Sanders

Prayer Request — Matt Nowery

From Fr. Harry — Our son-in-law Matt Nowery has been diagnosed with kidney stones and will have laser surgery tomorrow in Iraq. Please keep him (and the family) in your prayers.

Our Father and our God, by Your Holy Spirit we pray that You will breathe down upon our brother Matt who is bearing pain,  with Your spirit of healing, Your spirit of life, Your spirit of peace and hope, of love and joy, Your spirit of courage and endurance. Cast out from him any spirit of anxiety and fear; grant him perfect confidence and trust in You. Bless the surgeon who shall soon minister to him with knowledge and skill, and guide his hand; so that all things may work together for good, and that Matt will be speedily restored to health.  Give also to his family that peace which the world cannot give, that they will trust completely in Your loving power and care.  We ask all of this, through the mighty name of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.



Church Today

We will be meeting for church and Sunday School today. However, the local weather service says that roads are  “extremely slippery” across the county so please use good judgment in making your decision about venturing out.  Everyone, please be careful!

Part-Time Bookkeeping Job Opportunity

From Rich Zepernick:

I am looking for someone with accounting experience to do part-time bookkeeping for my landscaping business. Quick Books or other accounting software experience a must, along with proficiency in Excel and Word. Ideal for a stay-at-home mom or retiree looking for some work outside the home. May lead to additional work with another company who may consider sharing a bookkeeper. This job begins as soon as possible in order to complete year-end accounting tasks. If you are interested please call Rich at (937) 478-7209.

Can You Help Greg and Susie Current Move Saturday?

Hello. As you may know Greg and I will moving into our new home, 30 Sims Dayton, this Saturday the 9th Jan. Greg will be at the Store and Lock (16550 Peters Pike) at 9:00 a,m. I will be at the house by 8:00. PLEASE CALL at 228 229 5840 if you will be able to help with our move. Thank you so much!! Susie Current