Month: September 2015

Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals at Dominion Academy

“You are invited to the fifth annual St. Francis Day Animal Blessing on October 5th at 12pm! Bring your caged or leashed pet to Dominion Academy to be blessed!

St. Francis of Assisi was a 12th century Catholic friar known for his love for animals. This yearly tradition on (or near) his feast day reaffirms God’s love for all of creation and how that gives each creature dignity.”  Fr. Harry will be assisting Fr. Wayne in this service.


Fr. Neeb in Hospice Care

From Fr. Wayne McNamara — Please know that Fr. Neeb has been transferred to Hospice of Dayton at 324 Wilmington Ave.  He is largely unresponsive, but visitors are welcome.  Please keep him in your prayers.

O Lord, who feels the pain of the world; look with mercy, we pray, upon our brother whose sickness and suffering are beyond the reach of human skill. To you alone belongs the power of life, and his soul is yours.  If in the mystery of your providence it shall be his lot to bear this infirmity to the end, then, Lord, of your love give him  grace to endure, and such an assurance and awareness of your  presence with him in it that he may, even in this time, be transformed from one degree of glory to another.  This we ask through the merits of your son, our savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen


Great Fellowship Opportunity

The Growth Group — a get-together for carry-in dinner and fellowship — will meet this Saturday evening, October 3, at 6:30 p.m. at Theresa and Dave Whorton’s home, 9800 South Palmer Road, New Carlisle 45344.  If you would like to attend or need directions, please call Theresa at 937/318-8226.  All are invited, but it would be helpful for you to RSVP for planning purposes.


Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

The men of the church will meet for breakfast this coming Saturday (September 19) at 7:30 a.m. at the church.  All men of the church are most welcome…the food is great and the fellowship is even better!

Update from Elyse Burns

Hi Church – thanks for your prayers yesterday.  I made it to Xiamen China and back safely with no issues.  I was able to spend the day with the Children of Promise organization.  Several leaders of the organization picked up a group of children and brought them to the office where we took care of them for the day. These kids are handicapped in some way – whether physically or mentally.  Several of the ones I spent time with I believe had cerebral palsy – they were in wheelchairs and the other two could walk but needed assistance in where to go and how to do daily tasks.  I spent the day taking care of Sing Li – helping her use the restroom, eat lunch and play games that worked on her motor skills.  There are several therapists that work at this organization.  They set goals for the kids and then assist them to achieve those goals.  I was very impressed at how they require the kids to do as much as possible on their own.  The kids are very responsive and it was very obvious that they enjoyed the physical and mental exercises we did with them.  This is a Christian organization and we spent time watching Bible stories, discussing them and doing activities.  (This was all in Chinese, so I can’t even fully tell you what all was discussed 🙂  This organization is quite literally saving these children’s lives.  The stigma in China is that these children are cursed – which is not only detrimental to the children’s fate, but also very difficult for the family as they are looked down upon in society.  Many of these children are given up and left to die.  Even if the family wishes to keep the child, they are very alone in caring for them and don’t get any support.  This organization changes that and works to help the family and assist them in the child’s care.  After establishing a relationship with the family, they share the gospel with them as well.  Over 20 families have accepted Christ and the organization has served over 200 families.   

I can’t wait to share more about the organization and about Taiwan and the work being done here as well.  I return on Monday so I appreciate your prayers for safe travel and making connections!

 God bless – Elyse


Prayer Request – Elyse Burns

From Elyse: “Heading to Xiamen (Taiwan) tomorrow to work with the kids’ foundation.  It’s an organization founded to help families with children who have disabilities.  Please pray that things would go well volunteering, travels would be safe to God’s desire, and that this organization and the families it helps would be blessed.  The organization is called Children of Promise.”

Apples Available for the Picking

From Theresa Wharton:

The parish family is invited to pick apples (free) at Theresa and Dave Wharton’s home. We have several trees ready to pick right now.  Members can contact us prior to pick any day.  Our home phone is (937) 318-8226 or cells; Theresa (937) 239-8767 or Dave (937) 546-6170.

Concerted Prayer Request

As you have probably heard by now, recently a deputy in Texas was shot 15 times, apparently execution-style. His funeral is this Friday, beginning at 11:00 AM CDT (12 noon EDT – our time). These sort of incidences seem to be happening with increasing frequency.(New York, Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska,  etc.)  Police officers all over seem to be in the cross-hairs of extremists. Since the vast majority of the people in this country cannot attend the funeral, it has been suggested that this Friday at noon, we all stop in unison and pray for all those who “protect and defend” – this would be police as well as firemen and military.

This battle must be waged in prayer.  If the effective, fervent prayer of a (one) righteous man avails much, think of the outcome when so many are united in effective, fervent prayer!