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Attached is the bulletin for this coming Sunday, the 14th Sunday after Pentecost.  Please remember that there is no Sunday School and that we will be enjoying our final Parish Picnic of the summer after the service.  (Join us at the Mad River Shelter of Eastwood Park with picnic lunch to share, and chairs, games, etc. if you like.)  014 After Pentecost08-30-2015 MP


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Reminders for Sunday!

Remember — there will be no Sunday School this week (Adults or Children) and we will be having our final Summer Picnic after the service.  Bring a picnic lunch with extra to share and join everyone at the Mad River Shelter at Eastwood Park.  Picnic clothes for church are encouraged.  Also, bring lawn chair, game and sports equipment if you would like and come relax by the river with your parish family as we say farewell to summer.

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The Women’s Book Study will continue on Thursdays at the Panera on Brown Street at 9:30.  Beginning next Thursday we will be starting the book “Chasing Francis” by Ian Cron.  We will have copies at the church on Sunday for you to look over and purchase.  All women of the parish are invited to attend.  We’ve had a great summer reading “Everyday Grace” and being challenged by it.  “Chasing Francis” is an altogether different type of book which should also be interesting and challenging as we look at church, and worship, and living our lives as Christians.  We read a chapter out loud when we meet — no homework required — and discuss it…and build relationships in the process.  Come join us!

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Opportunity for Ministry

On the third Saturday of each month, St. Lazarus Mission presents a program at Livingston Care Center (a nursing facility) called “Dinner & a Show.” It is a program purposing to develop parish life and outreach to new residents.   This is how it works:  After residents have dinner, we offer them a short musical, theatrical, or artistic presentation followed by an invitation to church the following day. The music portion is first at 6:00 pm (running for 20 to 30 mins.) with all being over by 7 p.m.

We are looking for talented people to help us! Do you sing? Play an instrument? Belong to a band? Dance? Act? All ages are welcome. Different acts could also team up to do a “variety” show. Would you be willing to share your gift(s) with folks who rarely get to experience live performance?

If you’re interested, please email Fr. Chris at stlazarusmission@gmail.com, private message through Facebook (Chris Herman or Carol Herman), or call 937-604-4949 (Fr. Chris) or 937-478-1355 (Carol).  Thanks!

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It has been a hard time for many people at the nursing home during the past ten days or so.  Last week three people from the parish passed from death into life.  Today there are two more who are very sick and expected to pass into life soon, and one person died during the afternoon service, in her bed.  The two ladies in bed tonight are both active in the parish.

I ask you to please pray for those who mourn.  This includes the family of the woman who died today with whom I spent some time and the family of one of the ladies who is now refusing to eat or drink, with whom I also spent some time this afternoon.

Please pray for the other residents and for the staff, especially the Nursing Aides, and the Activities Staff, all of whom work closely with the people.  Finally, please pray for Carol Herman, Dcn Isaac Chavez, and me, as well as for the many other people who volunteer at St. Lazarus Mission.

Through all this, it is clear that God is drawing people to Himself and bringing others into the parish.  Today, there were two new people who we were able to welcome into the life of the parish.  Also, several people have joined in worship each week, partly through the monthly Saturday evening activity/service we began four months ago.

Thank you for your prayer and support.

Chris +

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Attached is the Colvin’s latest newsletter from the Philippines.  August 2015

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Attached is the bulletin for this coming Sunday, the 13th Sunday after Pentecost.  013 After Pentecost 08-23-2015

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