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Attached is the bulletin for tomorrow morning’s service — Trinity Sunday.  05-31-2015 Trinity


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At Fr. Harry’s request, we are posting this Word which was read in church this morning:

May 20,2015

If I have called you, as I surely have, I have called you to the service of others.  I have called you to carry in your heart the same love and compassion that I carry in my heart for you.  I have given you gifts –  not as presents, but as gifts for others.  You have within you the spark of my divinity, not for yourself, but for others who do not yet know me as you do.  Some of you do not realize or utilize the very gifts I have given you.  Look around you and see that there are many who need my love, many who need my compassion, many who need my salvation, many who need my healing, many who need to know that their lives are important because I have created them – just as I have created you – for divine purposes.  You are my children, my very body on this earth.  You are my hands, my feet, my heart for others. I have chosen you to be a part of the grand plan of my kingdom.  I will equip you for the tasks ahead.

Consider my servant Gideon, who fearfully thrashed grain in a winepress to hide from the enemy.  Yet, when I called him and showed myself true to him, with a very small army he was able to defeat a great enemy.

I am calling you to defeat the enemy who comes in many forms.  He comes as poverty, ignorance, insecurity, fear, loneliness, distractions, sickness, violence, oppression, heartache.  Do you not believe that I can use you to defeat this dread enemy?  Do you not believe that my power working in and through you can do great and mighty deeds, can bring people into my light, into my everlasting love?  Do you not think that I can use you to do these things?

Look around you and see that you are a part of the army I am assembling to accomplish all these things.  Do you feel ill prepared?  Ask of me and see if I will not give you everything you need, working together, to achieve a mighty victory and extend my kingdom even in this place.  But see who as well as what I have given you.  See how my infinite variety of gifts and skills and talents working through each of you can come together – if you will come together – and do exploits beyond your wildest imaginings.  Your minds cannot conceive of the plans for glorious triumph that I have for you.  Only look to me and trust me and then, together, we will see that triumph over the enemy.

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Attached is the bulletin for this coming Sunday — the Feast of Pentecost. 05-24-2015 Pentecost

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There is water available at the picnic site (drinking fountains), but otherwise you should plan to bring drinks for yourself/family.  There are 5 picnic tables with benches plus lots of grassy area for blankets or lawn chairs.  Bring along whatever you think you’ll need to be comfortable, well-fed, and entertained.  We’ll be providing pulled chicken and pulled pork, plus buns — and we’ll all share in whatever desserts and side dishes we can get on the table.  The weather should be gorgeous — so let’s all get out and have a great afternoon together!

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Pentecost Picnic Planning

Don’t forget that we are having our first ever Pentecost Picnic following services on Sunday, May 24 — that’s this coming Sunday.  We will be at the Mad River Shelter at Eastwood Park, about 5 minutes from the church.  Shredded chicken and shredded pork, plus buns, will be provided.  We are asked to bring picnic side dishes and desserts to share — and our own drinks.  Come to church dressed in comfy clothes for a picnic; bring sports and game equipment of your preference.  We’ll probably organize a softball game, maybe some Frisbee, and board games for those of us somewhat less athletically inclined.  It should be a wonderful afternoon of food, fellowship, and fun.  (Your editor will be glad to take on any and all comers in a hot game of Trivial Pursuit. Think softball might be a bit out of reach for her!) Come one, come all and join your parish family for a great afternoon.

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Attached is the bulletin for tomorrow morning’s service — Ascension Day (transferred).05-17-2015 Ascension

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Prayer Request

Sherrie Miller has been admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital with an intestinal infection of some sort.  She is being treated currently with antibiotics and pain medication.  Please pray for her and for Jon.

Breathe down, O Lord, upon our sister Sherrie who is bearing pain, with your spirit of healing, your spirit of life, your spirit of peace and hope, of love and joy.  We pray that you would give her your spirit of courage and endurance, and cast out from her the spirit of anxiety and fear; giving her perfect confidence and trust in you.  We pray for complete healing and restoration for her, in the strong and mighty name of Jesus Christ.  Amen


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