Month: February 2015

Praise Report

From Bp. Peter Manto —

Here is an update after talking with Alan Camerer (Dad): all tests came back negative for Anna –which is good — and the doctors think it’s probably the chemo treatments that caused the seizure. Her doctor was encouraged and confident regarding yesterday’s test results. Last evening Anna was awake and walking around after a long MRI session. The Camerers send their tremendous gratitude to everyone for the continued prayers, and are trusting in “Him who can do more than you can ever hope or imagine…”


Thanks be to God!  His mercies are new every morning.

Prayer Request

From Bp. Peter Manto:

Dear friends,         Anna Camerer, age 13 and a member of Trinity Church, Mason, Ohio, has been receiving treatments for leukemia over the past year.  She has been responding well but is in the midst of a difficult phase of treatments.  Anna suffered a seizure last night at home, and is currently undergoing tests at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati.  Please pray for Anna, that her physicians would know how to proceed with her treatments and that our Lord would bless the means made use of for her cure.  Pray for her parents and family as well, that everyone would have the strength needed during these difficult days.  Thank you.

Yours in Jesus the Savior,

+Peter M.

Community Emergency Response Team Training

CERT 2015

For anyone interested in being trained for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), attached is a flyer about some available free training.  Several in the parish are interested in attending and we can arrange a carpool.  Please contact Fr. Harry or Jane Jones if you are interested.

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

The men of the church will meet Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. for their monthly fellowship breakfast.  All men of the church are encouraged to come join in for a great breakfast (this month cooked up by Lyle Albert) and some good fellowship.  It all finishes up by 9:00 — plenty of time for the rest of your Saturday “stuff”.

Hope to see you there!

Worldview Academy for Teens

From Michael Evanhoe:

Worldview Academy

 Worldview Academy is a Christian summer camp for ages 13 through 18. This year Worldview Academy is being held at Cedarville University. Details about this particular camp are at: Since I have attended Worldview for two years, if you want more personal details or would like a $100 discount, see Michael Evanhoe.

Want to set up a rain barrel?

The Montgomery Co Soil & Water Conservation District has a kit available for setting up your own rain barrel? During our Emergency Prep talk in Adult Sunday School, Jane Jones mentioned setting up rain barrels to collect rain water from your gutter system. Apparently the MCSWCD is not offering classes to make your own rain barrels BUT they are offering the rain barrel kits.

See for info on this program.

Attached is a pdf order form for these kits that you could post. RainBarrelSale

Update – Tom Berger

From Martha Berger — Tom came through just fine.  In recovery now (4:45 pm on Wednesday).  Dr. found a large tumor which was removed.  She hopes she got it all but test results will tell what happens next.  May need chemo.  He’ll be in the hospital for 3 to 5 more days.  Thank you for your prayers.


Thanks be to God!!

Prayer Request

Tom Berger has been at Soin Medical Center since Sunday evening.  This afternoon he will have exploratory laparoscopy surgery for a bowel obstruction and possible resection.  Please pray for Tom.

O Lord, we commit our brother Tom Into your fatherly keeping with trust and confidence. You are his dwelling place, and underneath are your everlasting arms. We pray that you will repair his body completely. May he rest peacefully in you throughout the surgery. Guard him through the moments of unconsciousness, guide the hands of the surgeon that through the wound he must make there may enter in your healing power to restore Tom to health and strength. We also pray for peace and confidence for Martha as she awaits the good outcome.  We ask this, O Father, in the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Amen




Bed Needed!

I have had a request for assistance from a parishioner — in the form of a bed.  It can be twin or double — but we really need to find a bed.  If you have one in your basement or garage or wherever, please give me a call.  We’ll figure out how to get it moved to where it is desperately needed.  Thanks, everyone!

Dss Candy  (572-6682)

New Babies — Prayers

1) Tim and Stephanie Taylor are the proud parents of baby Iris, born Saturday.  Mother and baby doing well.  Praise God!

2) Karla Herman is currently in labor; please pray for safe delivery.

3) From Sherry Miller regarding her daughter Mary and not-yet-born Willow: Please pray for Mary and Willow. Willow does not appear to be growing like she should. Please  pray that she grows quickly and makes her grand entrance safely and in the right time, with minimal medical interference.

O God, the author of life and giver of health, we pray for these families.  We thank you for the safe delivery of Iris Taylor, we pray for a speedy labor and safe delivery for “baby boy Herman” and we pray for Willow, that you would keep her safe and healthy until she is delivered safely into this world.  We praise you and we thank you for these amazing blessings.  Amen

Meals for Moms — Part 2

If you were considering making a meal (or two) for any of our three expectant moms, but weren’t sure about getting the food to them, we have a solution.  There is plenty of room in our freezer at church so you can bring your food (please label what it is!) and we can put it there until it’s needed.  We have several people who can see that the food is delivered when needed.  With the blessing of three births this month, we also are challenged by being stretched pretty thinly to help them.  Your contribution to this wonderful time would be greatly appreciated!  Looking forward to seeing our freezer filled up with love and food!

Lost Glasses

Jay Eppinga thinks he may have left his glasses at church.  If anyone knows where they might be, please contact Jay at 778-0992.  Thanks, everyone!

Meals for New Moms – Help!

We have three mothers who will be delivering babies this month — Stephanie Taylor and Mary (Miller) Vorhis are both due today, and Karla Herman is due very, very shortly.  If you can help by preparing a meal, please contact Anita Evanhoe (623-2570).   She has volunteered to take on scheduling these three.   This is a wonderful way to minister love in a practical way to families!