Month: January 2015

Prayer Request

From Jon Miller —

Mary went to the hospital early this AM, got home this PM. They stopped the labor, but pain continues. Please pray for her.

Almighty God, author of life and provider of comfort, we pray for our sister Mary in her travail, that you would give her rest this night and, in due time, enable her to deliver a healthy baby.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, your son and our Lord.  Amen


Free CPR Class

From Jane Jones —

Hi Folks

I just read this in the Huber Heights Courier and would like to disseminate this info for Emergency Preparedness.

The Huber Heights Fire Division will be offering a CPR course on Monday, Feb 16 from 5:30 to 10 pm at the fire station at 7008 Brandt Pike (intersection of  Brandt and Longford).

Call 937-233-1564 to register and ask for Lt. John Russell.

Prayer Request

From Rich Zepernick — A DA student, Nick B was injured at basketball practice tonight, getting two teeth knocked out.  He is at the emergency dentist right now.  Please pray for him and for his family.

Breathe down, O Lord, upon your son who is bearing pain, your spirit of healing, your spirit of life, your spirit of peace and hope, of love and joy, your spirit of courage and endurance. Remove from him any spirit of anxiety and fear; grant him confidence and trust in you; through Christ Jesus our Saviour. Amen


Prayer Request Update – Praise!

From Chuck Evanhoe —


 CAT scan is NOT showing that the appendix has ruptured. At this point they plan to keep him overnight for observation and then release him. Of note is that his doctor, when Doug  was in their office, there was sure it had burst. A miracle? Power of prayer?

Thanks be to God!




Prayer Request

From Chuck Evanhoe:

Doug Sweeney, husband of Evanhoe’s Controller, Amber, has been sent to the ER with a presumed ruptured appendix. This is on top of his Grandmother passing away last week and the funeral was yesterday and his Mother having been hospitalized earlier this month and still recovering with their help. Amber is feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thank you for your prayers.

Our Father in heaven, we pray that you would comfort Amber and her family with the strength and peace which only come from you.  We pray that you would protect and heal Doug and bring him home in divine health and healing.  Let the peace and assurance that the world cannot give be theirs and bless both Doug and Amber with grace to keep their minds in perfect peace because they have fixed their minds on you.  We ask this in the name of your son, our savior, Jesus Christ.  Amen






Prayer Request

From Karen Burns:

Please be praying for my mother, Irene Honaker.  She is scheduled to have a pace maker placed on Monday, 19 Jan.  She said that the tests they did over the last four weeks showed that her heart stopped completely on a semi-regular basis.  She has had trouble with being light headed, so guess this is why!  She sounds excited about the whole thing, but my father is terrified.  She will be eight-three this April.  It isn’t out-patient but close, as she will only be there Monday and Tuesday.  Thank you.

Into your fatherly keeping, O Lord, we commit our sister Irene completely with trust and confidence. You are her dwelling place, and underneath are your everlasting arms. We pray  that you would restore her body completely it. May our sister sleep peacefully in your care and guard her through the moments of unconsciousness.  Guide the hands of the surgeon that through the wound he must make,  there may enter in your healing power to restore her to health and strength. We ask this, O Father, in the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen



Prayer Requests

From Fr. Chris —

There are several people for whom we have been asked specifically to pray and  whom I told I would let you know about them so you can pray for them with me (and Carol) as your heart is led. Quite a bit has come up in the past week:

Brian — hospitalized at Miami Valley Hospital, seriously ill, had major surgery for cancer removal Sunday morning, having great difficulty breathing, Key member of the ministry team who lives in the facility.  I have visited him, as has Rosanne.  I speak with him daily.

Merle — fell face first out of her wheel chair, multiple fractures in face/head

Trella —  Her son has surgery for a serious infection in his leg scheduled; she cannot visit him and he cannot see her.  Please pray for Trella and her son, as she called me last night and asked for me to ask others to pray for her and for her son, Kenneth.

Virginia — night nurse at Livingston — special intention; she came into Century Systems and we spoke yesterday.

LaRen Roberts — Employment.  He is part of St. Lazarus Mission, and he visits his mother at least every Sunday and participates in the service.  His mother is Margaurite.

Thank you.




Free Breakfast Saturday!!

Reminder that the Men’s Prayer Breakfast will be this Saturday at 7:30 AM.  All men of the church are cordially invited to come and enjoy good food and good fellowship. 

Also, the high school aged youth are needed to help put down carpet in their Sunday school room at 9:30 AM with breakfast food provided. Parents of the youth are welcome to help also.

 It would be greatly appreciated if a couple of the men could stay after breakfast to help supervise the carpet laying.

 Chuck & Anita Evanhoe


Praise Report – Dr. Jonathan Riches

Additional testing and consulting with multiple doctors has indicated that the kidney lesion originally thought to be cancerous is a cyst filled with a thicker fluid. At this point doctors have found 3 cysts in Dr. Riches’ kidneys and multiple cysts in the pancreas.  They are all benign!!  No surgery is necessary.  The doctors will monitor the cysts annually.  Praise God for his healing and that the threat of cancer has gone away and that all these cysts have been identified so they can be monitored and treated proactively.  Dr. Riches thanks everyone for the outpouring of love, support, and prayer that he and his family received through this difficult time.


Prayer Request


Please be in prayer for the Rev. Canon Dr. Jonathan S. Riches, Dean of Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Blue Bell, PA.    In other medical tests an active lesion was found on his right kidney.  The doctors say it is very likely renal cancer. Further testing is scheduled this week. Praise the Lord that this was caught so soon.  The prognosis is very good.  Please pray for the Riches family that it is not cancer and for quick healing and recovery.  Dr. Riches is the son of our former Presiding Bishop, Leonard Riches.

O Lord, holy Father, by whose loving-kindness our souls and bodies are renewed; mercifully look upon this your servant, that, every cause of sickness being removed, he may be restored to soundness of health; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen



Feast of the Epiphany Celebration Lunch Sunday

Reminder — We will be celebrating The Feast of the Epiphany in 12th Night fashion — with a carry-in lunch after church, followed by some entertainment and sharing jokes (SHORT, CLEAN, AND FUNNY, please!)  A “3 King’s Cake” will be furnished for dessert.  Please plan to stay and enjoy some fun, food, and silliness with your parish family!