Month: September 2014

Spaghetti Dinner Reminder

Remember — there will be a great spaghetti dinner following church services this coming Sunday to raise money for the High School Youth Retreat in October.  All “labor” to be performed by our high schoolers!  Such an inexpensive way to feed your family ($5.00 per person or $15.00 per family) — and a great way to help support our young people!  See you there!!

Spaghetti Dinner Next Sunday!

The high school Sunday School class will prepare, serve, and clean up a Spaghetti Dinner next Sunday (September 28) after church.  This is a fund-raiser for their retreat in October.  Please plan to stay after church and enjoy a delicious meal for a great cause at a very nominal price ($5.00 per person or $15.00 per family).  Mark your calendars now!  Y’all come!

Prayer-Driven Church Video

Here is the link to the talk by Bp. John Guernsey which was viewed several weeks ago in Adult Sunday School.  Fr. Harry would like as many as possible to watch it.


Child Care for Healing Weekend

Child care will be available for both Friday and Saturday evenings.  We hope everyone will avail themselves of the wonderful opportunity to hear Canon Mark Pearson who has had a gifted teaching and healing ministry for over 30 years!

Are You Missing Some Items?

A box of diabetic supplies has been found at the church.  If you are missing same, or know where these came from, please call Martha Berger. (546-7248)

Also, a couple of bags of puzzles were found but no one knows from whence they came, or for what purpose.  Again, if you know anything about these, please call Martha.  Thanks, all!

Update for Rejoicing – Natalie Mathis

Natalie said today was the best day of her life! She had an appointment on the second floor for a barium swallow test. She was put in her wheelchair and she said the pain of the transfer was tolerable! We wheeled her into the 4th floor activity room and she found out she can go there to paint (starting out with finger painting right away). She went to the third floor to visit her former nurses and nursing assistants and she made everyone laugh when was going down the halls saying “I’m free! I’m free!” She had a “picture perfect” swallow test according to the speech therapist which means she can progress to eating other foods besides applesauce, yogurt, etc. (She thought a warm, salted pretzel with cheese sounded good, but she was told that would not work out today!) She went for a brief walk outside and enjoyed the fresh, cool air. As we reentered the 4th floor a nurse said since she can get in the wheelchair tomorrow she can get a SHOWER!!! All staff and patients we passed in the halls rejoiced with Natalie at this monumental point in her recovery. She was up and about for an hour and a half and then she was exhausted. As we tucked her back in bed Natalie said, “For the first time I have hope.” What a great, great day!


Mystery of the Lost Dish Towels

Most of the dish towels from the church kitchen have disappeared.  Did some kind, generous person take them home to wash them?  If so, thank you very much — and we’ll look forward to seeing them return on Sunday.  If not, does anyone have any idea where they may be?