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12 After Pentecost 08-31-14 (blog)


Attached is the bulletin for tomorrow morning’s service.


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Just a reminder that (weather permitting), the Sunday After-Church Fellowship Lunch will be at Chuck and Anita Evanhoe’s home.  Bring food to share and come enjoy a great time of fellowship with your parish family.  In case of inclement weather, we will stay at the church for lunch.

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I will be playing hammered dulcimer tomorrow (Saturday) morning, 10am-12pm, at the Oakwood Farmers’ Market. Mike McDermott will be joining me on guitar. The Market is located in the parking lot behind Chico’s on Far Hills in Oakwood, just north of Dorothy Lane Market. It’s a nice place to spend a Saturday morning!



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Diocesan Newsletter

Here is a link to the latest issue of our Diocesan Newsletter.  Trinity Issue (PDF, 493K)

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Update for Day 58: Natalie, Jan and I said goodbye to Room 314 at Kindred Hospital, after 40 of the most challenging nights one would hope never to encounter. Natalie was given the green light to move into the rehabilitation phase of her treatment and recovery from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, so physicians moved her to the 4th floor of the same building (technically a separate “sub-acute” floor). Hooray! Even with Natalie’s extreme neuropathy (nerve pain) and her trepidations at leaving the familiar, we anticipate this move being excellent for Nat’s return to full health and wellness.

 As a cheer-up for the move Katie and Ian brought Arlo to visit his “Naanie” last evening. He is always so sweet to his auntie!

 Prayers for continued healing and a decrease in pain as well as a very positive transition into rehab. Thank you. Rob


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Today we not only celebrate another day of life, we are cheering for Nata, as she is “trach-less in Seattle”! Hooray! RT Irina, with encouraging moral support from therapist rock stars Jess and Stephanie, removed Natalie’s trach! One more incredible step on Nata’s road to recovery! Thanks be to God our Father!

After the decannulation of Nat’s trach Stephanie gave Nata her first tastes of oatmeal! Another reason to celebrate!

Prayers: Please continue to pray for Natalie’s struggle with pain. It seems to continue unabated…The docs are working diligently to manage this present struggle…pray for supernatural wisdom, knowledge and insight and for supernatural healing…Also prayers for direction for next steps in Nat’s treatment. Thank you all!


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From Bp. Dan Morse —

Marianne met with her oncologist yesterday to get the results of the chemo treatments. The size of the lymph node under the collar bone and the lymph node in the abdomen have been reduced by half. The nodule in the lung is also smaller. He wants her to continue chemo for at least 3 more treatments.

Thank you for your love and prayers.



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