Month: August 2014

Sunday Fellowship Lunch after Church

Just a reminder that (weather permitting), the Sunday After-Church Fellowship Lunch will be at Chuck and Anita Evanhoe’s home.  Bring food to share and come enjoy a great time of fellowship with your parish family.  In case of inclement weather, we will stay at the church for lunch.

Amanda Roberts at Farmer’s Market

I will be playing hammered dulcimer tomorrow (Saturday) morning, 10am-12pm, at the Oakwood Farmers’ Market. Mike McDermott will be joining me on guitar. The Market is located in the parking lot behind Chico’s on Far Hills in Oakwood, just north of Dorothy Lane Market. It’s a nice place to spend a Saturday morning!



Day 58 – Natalie Mathis

Update for Day 58: Natalie, Jan and I said goodbye to Room 314 at Kindred Hospital, after 40 of the most challenging nights one would hope never to encounter. Natalie was given the green light to move into the rehabilitation phase of her treatment and recovery from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, so physicians moved her to the 4th floor of the same building (technically a separate “sub-acute” floor). Hooray! Even with Natalie’s extreme neuropathy (nerve pain) and her trepidations at leaving the familiar, we anticipate this move being excellent for Nat’s return to full health and wellness.

 As a cheer-up for the move Katie and Ian brought Arlo to visit his “Naanie” last evening. He is always so sweet to his auntie!

 Prayers for continued healing and a decrease in pain as well as a very positive transition into rehab. Thank you. Rob


Praise Report — Natalie Mathis

Today we not only celebrate another day of life, we are cheering for Nata, as she is “trach-less in Seattle”! Hooray! RT Irina, with encouraging moral support from therapist rock stars Jess and Stephanie, removed Natalie’s trach! One more incredible step on Nata’s road to recovery! Thanks be to God our Father!

After the decannulation of Nat’s trach Stephanie gave Nata her first tastes of oatmeal! Another reason to celebrate!

Prayers: Please continue to pray for Natalie’s struggle with pain. It seems to continue unabated…The docs are working diligently to manage this present struggle…pray for supernatural wisdom, knowledge and insight and for supernatural healing…Also prayers for direction for next steps in Nat’s treatment. Thank you all!


Praise Report — Marianne Morse

From Bp. Dan Morse —

Marianne met with her oncologist yesterday to get the results of the chemo treatments. The size of the lymph node under the collar bone and the lymph node in the abdomen have been reduced by half. The nodule in the lung is also smaller. He wants her to continue chemo for at least 3 more treatments.

Thank you for your love and prayers.



Last “Music at the Gazebo” Tomorrow

The last “Music at the Gazebo” performance this season will be this Sunday August 24th at 6:30 p.m. Come and see Knotworks Flute Group at the Gazebo on Forest Ridge Boulevard.  Bring a chair or blanket.  Meet your neighbors.

Day 52 Update – Natalie Mathis

Update Day 52: The big news today is that since Natalie’s breathing has been so consistent and strong the respiratory physician has bypassed a step and capped Nat’s trach tube. Natalie is breathing through her nose and mouth for the first time since July 3rd! She also can speak at will, no speaking device needed! Nat had several visitors today, including Matt and his service dog. Please pray for a significant decrease in pain, as Nata is really struggling with this right now. Thank you all!

Meals for the Freeman Family

For anyone who might be interested in providing a meal for the Tracy and Mary Katheryn Freeman family since her surgery, please see the following information:

Hello! I’ve added more dates for the Freeman family. Would you please share this with anyone you know who might be willing to help? Thank you!
Susan Pardoe

Susan Pardoe’s email address is:

Please use the following link to access the Meal Train for The Tracy Freeman Family.

Add to your address book to ensure that you receive Meal Train emails in your inbox.


Encouragement and Hope – Day 50 – Natalie Mathis

Update for Day 50: What does 50 mean to a 20 year old? Double her life and add ten? Dad and Mom’s ages minus a few years? Half a buck? The price of a college text book? For Natalie it has surely meant a longer hospital stay than any of us dreamed she was facing; in fact 3 emergency room visits, 3 hospitals, 6 different hospital beds, 4 ambulance rides, a dozen doctors, pneumonia, infections, intubation then surgery for the insertion of a trach tube, a feeding tube, then surgery to insert feeding tubes in Nat’s digestive system as well as follow up surgery to repair the tubes, dozens of nurses, nursing assistants, physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapists, round the clock body rotations every two hours every day of every week…blood work, catheters, iv’s, and more poking and prodding and pain than one would think they could endure.

But 50 also means the first night Natalie slept ALL night long! 7 straight hours…and it means starting to have ice chips and ever so tiny sips of cool water for the first time since her July 3rd intubation! It means Nata has been completely breathing on her own and separate from her once seemingly inseparable ventilator for close to 40 hours! It means Natalie is improving enough to be taken outside….yes outside via wheelchair to actually see and hear and smell and feel life outside her tiny hospital room for the first time since her admission July 1st!  It means hope, encouragement, and light emerging in the early dawn upon this seemingly dark and endless trail through one excruciatingly painful valley. It means the prayers and kindnesses of oh so many caring and selfless people, of sisters worried sick and yet surrounding Natalie with sister love, smiles, hugs and yes tears…of meals and visits and flowers and cards and poems and paintings and dog visits and more tears…of hospital staff “just dropping in” to make sure Nata is okay even though it’s made them leave work late or when they aren’t even assigned to Natalie’s floor….and oh so much more.  It also means the current prospect that Natalie still faces many weeks in hospital, a long and likely exhausting and painful recovery and rehabilitation; of learning to breathe, speak, coordinate fingers, hands and arms and of course to learn once again how to walk. Which means thank you for loving, giving and especially praying…but please Do Not Stop! We need each of you…Natalie needs you….needs your love and prayers and visits….for you have helped carry us all this far….but it ain’t over til it’s over so keep doing what you do!

Encouraging News — Natalie Mathis

Update for Day 49: As we approach the 50 day milestone we have so much to be thankful for. As Katie has shared, Nata had her first sit in a wheelchair, had a great visit with Manny the therapy dog, had a really good swallow test with her Speech Therapist/Pathologist, Stephanie, and is doing quite well with strong breathing on the trach collar. We are particularly excited to hear Natalie speaking more and more with the trach attachment, and to do so with increased clarity. Natalie is doing so well that the therapists are planning for Natalie to have a short visit outside via wheelchair, perhaps as early as tomorrow! These are all just incredible advances. To top it off, I had a great conversation with Natalie’s Aetna case manager today. Natalie is progressing so well that the plan is for Nata to stay right where she is and to reevaluate down the road, with strong consideration given to Natalie receiving her rehab treatment here in this hospital! Hooray for all of these good news stories! Thank you so much each of you for your continued prayers and encouragement to our whole family. Please continue to pray for Natalie’s strength to return, her myelin sheath to grow completely and wholly back and for strong and powerful lungs, and specifically that she can be completely weened off the breathing apparatus and free of the trach by week’s end.

Update – Natalie Mathis

Update for Day 47: You know, when we post about Natalie’s progress we do so with excitement and enthusiasm. Each little incremental step is good news, as it moves Natalie closer to her goals; to breathe without the ventilator, to have the trach tube removed and be breathing and talking “as she once did”; to improve her gross motor skills, then her fine motor skills; to be able to speak with assistance from her speaking mechanism then to speak through her mouth; all of these are milestones on the road to her full recovery and healing. The other side of the coin is that the road is long, has hairpin turns and switchbacks, huge potholes and even some washed out places. These look like pain, discouragement, sadness, loneliness, weariness, depression, anger, frustration and even confusion. This is so not only for Natalie but at times for various of her family as we try to cope with Nata’s struggles and hardship. It would be disingenuous for us to paint a picture of this road we are on as if the scenery were all inviting. It is not, as it is not for others who suffer. And we are aware, too, that many many other families and individuals are suffering and struggling and have lives filled with pain and sorrow. Please, as those of you that celebrate Natalie’s gains and pray for she and us all as well, remember “the other” who may be right next door, across the street, or somehow be in your path…that is hurting and maybe even dying. Reach out to them…pray for them…love them, too. Highlights: Natalie has been able to stay off the ventilator for over 55 hours! As a result she is now to the next level, having what is called a trach collar on. This means she has some cool oxygen-rich air piped in through her trach tube but Natalie is essentially doing all the breathing herself! She has been disconnected from the ventilator completely.

Prayers for Day 47: Please pray for peace for Natalie, as she continues to struggle with pain and resultant anxiety and restlessness; all of these are attributable to the Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Though we are seeing great progress, both in terms of Nat’s increased gross motor skills as well as her breathing ability, our insurance company is apparently wanting to move Natalie to a skilled nursing facility. We are told the only one available is in Tacoma, between 55 and 60 miles away from close family. This would present a tremendous hardship and preclude many from visiting. Ultimately we feel this would be detrimental to Natalie’s recovery, as she is thriving in her current therapeutic environment. Please pray for favor with Aetna as we work out these details….thank you all.

Penn Jillette Video (from Adult Sunday School)

Several people asked that we post the link to the Youtube video of Penn Jillette receiving a Bible which we saw last week in the Adult Sunday School class.  Next Sunday, we will have the letter to sign that was suggested as a follow-up to this video.  If you haven’t seen it, do take the five minutes to watch.



Urgent Prayers Needed – Natalie Mathis

It has been an exhausting and discouraging weekend for the Natalie Mathis and her family.  The onslaught of the enemy can be extremely wearying.  Please pray for Natalie and her family.

Blessed Lord God, who comforts us in our afflictions, we pray for the comfort and encouragement of Your Holy Spirit this day for Natalie, Rob, Jan, and all the Mathis family.  Let Your tender mercy and loving presence be manifest to them in every way this day.  Overflow them with Your love and give them strength that they may ever praise You for Your goodness and testify to Your faithfulness.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, that He may continue to be glorified in their lives.   Amen

Update — Natalie Mathis

Update for Day 45: Being in the hospital for 45 days and counting is just not easy on a person and not easy for a hospital room to stay squared away. As I came in to Nata’s hospital room today it was evident her mom is the better “keeper neater” one…Natalie’s hospital room is always neater, cleaner, and more squared away than when I “have the watch”. Also, Jan is so good about washing Nata’s hair and braiding it…thanks sweetheart for giving Natalie such loving care! Today Natalie has been off the main vent for over six hours…and counting…Some days are tougher than others for this, as obviously this uses up Nata’s needed resources and energy just to breathe on her own…The occupational therapist, Jessica, worked for about thirty minutes with Nat, focusing on range of motion with her arms and use of hands and fingers. During this time the respiratory therapist, Worknesh, connected the dealy bopper to the trach so Natalie could talk. It is such a wonder to hear Nata and to have such a better feel for what she is thinking and experiencing by having this in place. While the therapists can’t keep the device in for extended periods, it does look like Natalie being on the “talky thing” will happen with increased frequency….which is great! Natalie said again today she misses having summer…and feels sad to be missing seeing friends before they head off to college. But, not to be one to stay down for long, she brightened up and asked if she could have her puppy now! (Dad has promised her a puppy “when it is the right time”). Natalie was lobbying hard with her therapists to have them support her idea of the puppy in the hospital! Please pray for continued healing, re-growth of the myelin sheath, protection against infection and for Natalie to see how amazing her progress really is! Thank you all…

Update for Day 46: Natalie and I took an ambulance ride early this morning from her hospital to Swedish Issaquah for an assessment with her neurologist. According to Nat’s doctor she is making good progress and was able to dodge the anticipated extensive (and painful) tests to determine her level of functioning. Hoorah! A big development is that Natalie has been breathing off the respirator (with only minimal support) since yesterday morning at 9am! That is about 29 hours and by far the longest stretch of breathing Nat has done since going on the respirator July 3rd! Prayers for continued healing, for a minimization of pain and restlessness, and for good, sound sleep. Thank you all!


Situation Report — Christians in Iraq


BACKGROUND Thousands of displaced families are fleeing to Kurdish-controlled regions of northern Iraq following the takeover of Mosul and other areas by Islamist militants known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). This group is targeting Christians and other religious minorities with a convert-or-die ultimatum. Airstrikes by the United States are enabling humanitarian aid to reach certain groups fleeing this reign of terror.   More than 1 million Iraqis have been forced to leave their homes this year due to violence, including the estimated 70,000 that have recently fled to Erbil. In addition, well more than 200,000 Syrians fleeing the 3.5-year-old civil conflict in their own country are registered as refugees in Iraq.

HOW SAMARITAN’S PURSE IS RESPONDING *   Samaritan’s Purse has been actively engaged in northern Iraq since 2007. As Syrian refugees flooded into Iraq late last year, Samaritan’s Purse provided them with food, medicine, clothing, bedding, and kerosene heaters, among other items. Since June 2014, Samaritan’s Purse has been offering food and other relief to persons displaced in the wake of advances by ISIS. *   From Friday, August 8, Samaritan’s Purse and our local partners have set up more than 225 tents in Erbil to provide temporary shelter for Christian families and others fleeing Mosul (ancient Nineveh). Plans are underway to set up 500 tents. *   More than 1,000 pillows and 3,200 mattresses have been distributed to displaced families. *   In addition, Samaritan’s Purse has provided 600 sets of baby/children’s clothes and 4,000 pairs of shoes. Fifty cradle beds for infants have been distributed as well, offering the babies protection from biting ants on the ground. *  More than 14,000 people have been fed in recent days in Erbil and Chamchamal. *   One hundred Bibles have been distributed to Christians fleeing Mosul.

WAYS YOU CAN HELP Pray: *   For peaceful political transition and an end to the violence in Iraq. *   For boldness, strength, and perseverance by Christians facing extreme persecution. *   For many to be saved through the work of Samaritan’s Purse and our partners. Donations: Go to<> or call 800.528.1980.

Day 44 – Natalie Mathis

Update for Day 44: Natalie had another really good night of sleep last night…though she has been fighting a spiking fever, which brings tests of all kinds, visits from the physician during the night, and closer monitoring. At this point, at around 4pm PST Wednesday the 13th, Natalie is sleeping restfully and soundly. She has been off the primary respirator (meaning she has minimal mechanical help for breathing) since 10am, wahoo! The OT and PT worked with Nata, actually moving her into a “cardio chair” where she sat upright for an hour. This is the first time Nat has sat in a chair in at least 44 days! Another wahoo! And while this feat causes pain and discomfort Nat kept at it, even while remaining off the ventilator and also having Speech Therapy! Her articulation of words is becoming ever clearer…I will admit I shed some tears during this portion of her therapy, as Natalie looked at me, cried a little and said, “I just want to go home.” She also lamented missing summer and the sun and outdoors. But just as quickly Natalie reminded dear Stephanie, her speech therapist/pathologist, that Dad is getting her a puppy one day! Please continue to pray Natalie overcomes the fever and any underlying causes. Also for continued good sleep so Natalie can continue to heal. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!