Month: July 2014

Day 29 Update — Natalie Mathis

This is an update for Day 29; When I arrived at hospital this afternoon Natalie had already had her occupational therapy and was finishing physical therapy. Her wonderful speech therapist/pathologist, Ms. Stephanie, greeted me in the hall and we walked in to Nata’s room togther as the PT was winding down. I could see in Natalie’s eyes that she was tired…movement, exercising muscles she does not control, is not only exhausting it is painful, and takes a great deal out of Natalie’s already slim reserves. However, one of her greatest allies in this battle back is Nata’s own will to overcome this thing called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Today we watched our tired and pained girl work with Ms. Stephanie and actually say several words using a device that transfers air over the vocal chords…..What an amazing thing! Literally the first words we have heard from Natalie since Jan and I joined her in crying as the doctors placed the life-giving breathing tube down Nata’s throat on July 3rd. As Natalie’s autonomic nervous system continues to recover not only does she have the pain and fatigue, but we are noticing that our simple touch to her skin can feel like fire to Natalie..and more than once tonight she has let the nurse and me know she thinks we left a glove in the back of her throat! Both signs of confused nerve messages so common with GBS at this stage.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers for healing, for peace, for decreased pain and for wisdom for Natalie’s entire treatment staff.

Tuesday Update – Natalie Mathis

This is an update for Day 27: Natalie has had two relatively uneventful nights here in hospital, meaning she has been able to get a bit of sleep. This morning she slept quite a bit as well. However, by the time Bella and I arrived for the “changing of the guard” about 1pm, Natalie was pretty alert, a good sign. Mid-afternoon, after Bella and Jan left, big sister Allie arrived for a visit. She was telling Natabug about she and husband Cody’s new apartment. Natalie spelled out questions, obviously hoping their new place has a pool…and so on. Longtime family friends Barbara and Michael Schneider dropped by later in the afternoon. Barbara was telling stories about their dog and clearly Natalie was quite interested. When Barbara told Nata that it was time to go she shook her head “no” and had them stay longer to visit. Long time friend Patrick McCurdy topped off the night with his visit in the early evening. Though his visit piqued the interest of hospital staff and patients alike, I welcome our friends in uniform too…For those wanting to visit but feeling reluctant…we just need to monitor visits to keep Natalie rested and moving towards health. Please just check in ahead of time when possible.

Thank you all for your continued care, support and prayers for Natalie and our family. Please pray for Natalie’s continued recovery and healing and for peaceful rest, as well as for direction for the medical staff concerning issues with her feeding tube.

Wednesday Evening Prayer Location

Evening Prayer on Wednesday, July 30, will be at the church.  However, in order not to interfere with VBS, we will meet in one of the basement rooms.  If you’re not involved in VBS, please join us as we praise God and pray together.

Saturday Update — Natalie Mathis

I wrote a post for yesterday but my laptop fell flat on the cement floor in the hospital room and is trashed. Sorry for the delay. We have some bright spots in our news; Natalie breathed on her own for almost an hour today!  Yesterday she was able to both push and pull her left leg against the physical therapist’s resistance,, another bit of progress.

Prayer requests: please pray for Natalie’s continued forward progress; for a minimization of pain and anxiety; for wisdom and direction for the entire treatment team; for complete and total healing for Natalie and for Jesus to be glorified in all we are and do.

Thank you all.

Jan , Rob, Natalie and the whole Mathis Family

Wednesday Update – Natalie Mathis

(Editor’s Note — Please read this; there’s so much to ponder.)

 Today I have felt like a basket case.  I just hurt so bad for Natalie and what she is enduring, and have just wept much.  In this deep sadness I have been reminded of some things about this life that I want to share;  

One really only has the moment we are in.  Yesterday, last week, two years ago…they are truly gone.  And tomorrow is not here yet…All we have been given is this time called now.  Oh, to love deeply, judge little and hold each other close while you have now.  I see a little more clearly how Jesus lived while here; he just looked past people’s brokenness, failings, shortcomings…Yes, He addressed their sin, because it was and is so destructive.  But He did, and does so by valuing each of us immensely.  My hope and prayer beyond that which is tearing us up is for each of you…that you will put aside what holds you back from forgiving and loving, so you can forgive and can love while you have today.

 “This is an update for Day 22: Today our youngest daughter, Bella (12) sent me a little video clip, taken not long before Natalie came down with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. It is of Natalie lip-synching Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” as she drives down the road. She is clearly so very happy in this video. Today I cried again, wept actually…as I am now while trying to write this. We hurt so bad…because our “Happy Girl” hurts so bad. Natalie’s peripheral nervous system continues to be “out of whack”, with big swings in her blood pressure and heart rate, and she has been struggling with lung and breathing difficulties, as well as significant pain. I wish with all that I am that I had more encouraging news today…But thank you for your continued love and support. We will walk out of this by God’s grace and the love of so many.”

Prayer requests:  Natalie has great pain right now, especially in her legs, lower back and rear end.  Please pray for comfort from the pain; pray for protection for her vital organs as she continues to receive various medications, including pain and anti-anxiety drugs; pray for Natalie’s progression to move up; pray for protection from any additional sickness or clotting; pray for complete healing; pray for spiritual, physical and emotional protection for Natalie; for her spirits to rise and her heart to draw nigh unto God’s place of peace; for supernatural direction for the entire medical staff; for encouragement and peace for our family and for our Lord and Savior to be glorified in all we do and are.

Thank you for walking through this valley with us.

Jan, Rob, Natalie and the entire Mathis Family


Prayer Request from Jon Miller

My friend from Florida, Ted had a widow maker heart attack a few weeks ago and is recovering from a triple by-pass.  He is a Christian and has young children.  I would appreciate prayers for his recovery and for his family.

O Lord, whose compassions fail not, and whose mercies are new every morning; We give you thanks that it has pleased you to give, to this our brother, both relief from pain and hope of renewed health. Continue, we pray, in him, the recovery that has begun; that, daily increasing in bodily strength, and humbly rejoicing in your goodness, he may so order his life and conversation as always to think and do what pleases you; moreover, we pray that you will strengthen and encourage his family as they wait and pray for complete recovery of their beloved husband and father, giving them faith and confidence in you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen



Tuesday Update — Natalie Mathis

“This is an update for Day 21: As I sit here in Natalie’s room, at about 10pm, I am utterly amazed at Natalie’s perseverance in the face of the biggest challenge in her young life. She maintains a clarity of mind while living with great pain in a body that she cannot control. Natalie shows incredible patience when she is communicating with her care givers, the medical staff and family and visitors, as she must listen to us spell out letters endlessly and write them on a white board to help determine what she wants to say and what she needs (thank you to sister Jamie and friend Dakota for bringing new dry erase markers as well as Chapstick by the way!) Her sisters and mother continue to give me a new appreciation for each of them, with their uniqueness in expressing absolute faithfulness and love to Natalie and our family. Visiting, making food for whichever parent is staying in the hospital that day/night with Natalie, bringing flowers and pictures, making Lady Bug necklaces, and otherwise loving on the others in the family as well as Natalie. Early this evening I watched a true miracle as Jamie gave Natalie a pedicure and did Natabug’s nails! Anyone who knows Jamie knows that was an act of absolute love and service to her sister! As for other activities for Natalie today, she has been tired out by a few visits from family and friends, by sessions of physical therapy, respiratory therapy and even the beginnings of speech lessons. We are so impressed with the kindness and professionalism of the staff here…and have the greatest of expectations for Natalie’s complete healing and recovery, however God chooses to do His work!”

Prayer Requests:  Please continue to pray for Natalie’s vital signs to settle down, as her blood pressure and heart rate exhibit big swings up and down; pray for Natalie to begin moving upward in her healing process; pray for supernatural wisdom, knowledge, insight and discernment for each of the medical staff and care givers; pray against infection and clots; pray Natalie will be protected from any additional sickness or injury; pray for her complete and total restoration; pray that Natalie and our whole family will be drawn closer to the Lord Jesus Christ through this entire experience; and pray that God will be glorified in our lives and those touched by Natalie’s courageous battle against Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Thank you from the entire Mathis Family.

Prayer and Fasting for Marianne Morse

From Fr. Harry — This message came today to the clergy of our diocese from Fr. Franklin Sanders.  I would encourage all our people to prayerfully consider what the Lord would ask you to do in support of this important request.  If you have questions regarding ways to fast, etc., please talk with me.

Dear Ones:

Would you join me in a diocesan day of Prayer and Fasting for the recovery of our beloved bishop’s wife, Marianne Morse?

On Friday, 1 August 2014 from sunup to sundown we will pray and fast for Marianne’s healing from cancer.

Would you please share this with your congregations, and urge your parishioners to join hands with all of us across the diocese?

Birthday Invitation To All

Dear Friends,

We are having a 50th birthday party for Rosanne this Friday at 7 pm at Christ Our Hope (All Seasons Banquet Center), 3425 Valley Street, across from the trailer park.  Please come if you can, you and your entire family.  We will be serving cake and other assorted sweet and salty snacks, coffee, tea, and lemonade.  We will be hanging around at least until 9 pm.

Your presence is all we ask.  Cards are welcome.  If you have a story to tell (about Rosanne or anything else you think she might appreciate), a song to sing, a poem to read, a joke to tell (especially a Norwegian joke), please bring it.  There will a notebook available for you to write in if you wish.  She would love it.

If you have a sweet or snacky thing you are dying to share, feel free, but it’s not necessary.

Sorry for the short notice, but please stop by for any length of time if you are able and wish Rosanne a happy 50th.  An RSVP would be helpful.

If you already got a Facebook invite, and you replied, no need to RSVP by email.


(Editor’s Note — Her birthday is actually today!)

Prayer Request – Kristin Rodrigues

Stanley Rodrigues’ youngest daughter, Kristin, left today for a week-long mission trip to Chattanooga, TN, with a group of Junior High-ers from CLC.  She especially asked that her friends at Christ our Hope would keep her in our prayers.

O God, who has sent your servants to prepare your way; fill their hearts with love and strengthen their hands to work, that they may make ready the way of our King.  And bless, O Lord, all who bear witness in your name, by teaching, by healing, and by acts of service, remembering especially this group of young people going to Tennessee.   Set their hearts on fire to serve you on this mission trip and in their lives afterwards, and to spread your Kingdom; for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen

Saturday Update — Natalie Mathis

Thank you all for your continued and very faithful and diligent prayers for Natalie and our whole family.  Last night was a tough night for Natalie, and she did not sleep well or much.  It is now 3:45 pm  PST on Friday, here in Seattle.  We arrived at Natalie’s new location, Kindred Hospital First Hill, around 1:30pm and are getting Natalie settled in.

Jan rode with Natalie in the ambulance this afternoon as she was transported.  Natalie will take some time to adjust to the move, as even the transport can be a very fatiguing experience when you are fighting Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Within a short time of Natalie’s arrival to her room a representative from each area of service and therapy had visited Natalie and each seemed eager to help Natalie recover. The physical therapist told us this hospital has successfully treated many people diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. He also said that they “love working with” these particular patients BECAUSE THEY GET BETTER!!”

 Please continue to pray for all aspects of Natalie’s physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health.  Pray that she will find strength to carry on and fight the good fight, leaning on the Lord Jesus Christ to be her ROCK.  I am going to fast at various points this weekend.  I am asking anyone that wants to fast for Natalie’s well-being and complete healing to do so.  A fast needs to be what God leads one to do; it can be a fast from something; it can be a fast for a time period, like during one meal time or segment of the day; it can be longer, like a whole day and longer.  That is up to the individual and their Lord.  I only ask that if you and God work out a fast, that you spend some time during that fasting praying for a BREAKTHROUGH for Natalie.

 “Is this not the fast which I choose, To loosen the bonds of wickedness, To undo the bands of the yoke, And to let the oppressed go free And break every yoke? Isaiah 58:6

 Blessings from Rob, Jan and the Entire Mathis Family



Prayer Requests:  Please pray for a smooth, uneventful and safe transition to this new treatment facility.  Pray for favor with the entire medical and treatment staff here at Kindred Hospital.  Pray for Natalie’s comfort, as well as for her protection from infection or other medical problems.  Pray for Natalie’s complete healing and restoration.  And please pray that Natalie and the rest of our family will be a glory to Jesus Christ, and that through these experiences our Lord will touch many lives.

Japanese Mission Trip – Day One

Lydia and the team arrived safely in Tokyo and then Sapporo today.  They travel tonight (tomorrow for them) by train to Kitami, where they will stay until July 23, holding Coffee Houses for Japanese youth and sharing testimonies in the Japanese church. Please pray that the Lord will bless these ministry opportunities.

O God who calls men and women to carry the good news of Jesus Christ to all nations; Grant your strengthening grace to those who have responded to your call to Japan this summer. Give them vision to see the greatness of their service, and humility to see their own unworthiness. Guide them in all their preparations, enriching the good gifts which they already possess, and supplying those which they lack. Give them happiness and peace, insight and adaptability, courage and good judgment. Make them ready to learn as well as to give, that they may truly show forth Jesus, not only in their words but in their lives. And this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

Thursday Update – Natalie Mathis

‘This is Day 17 for Natalie in Swedish Hospital. Day 15 for her in the Neuro ICU here. I stayed in Natalie’s ICU room last night. This was the most expensive and least comfortable stay I have ever had in my entire life. No bad reflection on Swedish Hospital. On the contrary all of the medical and care personnel have been awesome…the night folks just work when the “regular world” wants so desperately to sleep. I must say my wife Jan is “sugar and spice and tough as nails”‘, having spent the first 16 days in here!

Update:   Natalie continues to struggle with the onslaught of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.  She breathes with the use of a ventilator, which is now accessed via a trach.  Natalie continues to gain nourishment through a feeding tube connected with her digestive track.  Last night doctors discovered Natalie has a blood clot in her upper right arm.  This is being treated and does not appear to be “a big deal” at this point, although it was very painful at first.  Natalie’s neurologist and the ICU doctor both confirmed today that Natalie will be transferred to another hospital facility, Kindred Hospital-First Hill, probably Friday, for what is called “Long Term Acute Care” (LTAC).  This hospital is located across from Virginia Mason Hospital at 1334 Terry Avenue, on First Hill.  They will work to get Natalie’s respiratory system built up to allow for eventual free breathing.  They also will help develop a comprehensive program of rehabilitation for Natalie’s full recovery and eventual home coming! 

Please pray:  For Natalie’s ability to breathe independently of the respirator to increase daily; for protection from infection and blood clots; for a smooth, peaceful and safe transition to the new hospital; for Natalie’s complete healing; for Natalie and our whole family to draw near to the Lord Jesus Christ and for Him to be glorified.


Jan, Rob and the Whole Mathis Family

Editor’s Note:  This is progress — Thanks be to God!!

Women’s Fellowship Dinner – Tomorrow Night!

Just a reminder to all the women of the church that we are meeting for our monthly fellowship dinner at Sherry Mathis’ home at 6:30 p.m.  Since we are also going to be doing some things with paint as our program, it might be a good idea not to wear really nice clothes.  If you look up the Mathis’ address for driving directions, it is:

1328 Senna Street, Tipp City, OH

If you have not already let Sherry know that you’re coming, please give her a call right away.  (999-8363)

Hope to see everyone there!

Hospitality Committee

If you would like to be a part of a hospitality committee, which would involve doing decorations, organizing food contributions prior to the event, overseeing details such as set up on the actual day, etc., please let Anita Evanhoe know. This does not necessarily mean you would be involved every time or in all aspects but be available/willing to work in these areas when asked/needed.

Wednesday Update – Natalie Mathis

Natalie’s tracheotomy surgery went well today.  The speech therapist tells us that Natalie will have to learn to talk with the trach in for now…Tonight Natalie was mouthing “I love you” to her family.  Natalie and Jan are resting up for Natalie’s surgery tomorrow afternoon; the placement of a feeding tube apparatus in her digestive track.  Please pray for protection, safety, health, wholeness and wellness for Natalie, and peace for all of us.

Bless you,

Jan, Rob and the entire Mathis Family

Tuesday Update – Natalie Mathis

Jan and I spoke to the ICU physician again this morning.  Natalie will undergo a tracheotomy at 1pm Pacific Coast Time today.  This procedure will take about an hour from start to finish.  Docs will then begin another round of the chemo (chemical treatment) for Guillain- Barre Syndrome, administering this additional treatment for two days. We are told tomorrow early afternoon Natalie will have surgery for the placement of a “mid-range” feeding tube (meaning it will be with her for at least several weeks).

For those of you on Face Book we do have a Face Book support site that Natalie has now given the following message, along with her current photo “Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.  It means so much.  Love, Natalie”  If you are not in the group and want to be and cannot access it, please email me so I can add you…Family has added some pictures of Natalie…The Face Book site is “Natalie’s Support Group”).  I am attaching the photo here…

Prayers:  Please pray for the upcoming tracheotomy; for protection against infection; for a minimization of pain and discomfort; for continued healing from pneumonia and other infection; for continued healing from Guillain-Barre Syndrome; for peace and joy to fill Natalie’s heart and mind and body and spirit and emotions and will; for wisdom, knowledge, insight, discernment and guidance for all of the medical care providers; ultimately for God’s healing to restore Natalie; and for Jesus Christ to be glorified in Natalie and her whole family.


Jan, Rob and the entire Mathis FamilyNatalie