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This invitation was received for our parish from Christ the King.


Even with the Joe and Deepika’s wedding weekend coming up, there will still be some gathering at the church for our annual tailgate party followed by walking to downtown Dayton’s fireworks.  We will meet this coming Thursday, July 3rd at 6:30 pm.  Bring food to share!


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3 After Pentecost 6-29-14 (blog)  See you Sunday morning!

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First, thank you so much for your heart felt prayers for us over these last several months…We count on your prayers to keep us on track, to help protect us and to allow us to walk in His light in all we do.  Without you we would not, could not do what we are called to.  May His richest blessings be on each of you. Second, as we have walked this path it is becoming more and more clear that God is up to some big things here.  We have discovered that the Lord has indeed called many believers here from many different places to come together to help usher in a newness and healing that has been absent here for way too long…We have asked for your concerted prayer over the past several months for supernatural favor with the local government entities as well as the South African government, especially so that we can acquire access (or ownership) of some land to expand the Ubuntu Schools and to begin to develop a comprehensive plan primarily for the Riverview Community, where the poorest of the poor live. During this process we have discovered that a large farm adjacent to the settlement is potentially available and apparently belongs to the local government.  This farm, we are told, is about 90 hectares (220 plus acres).  Right now it is housing a few farm workers but is not being cultivated or used in any deliberate way. What Jan and I are asking is that you each pray diligently for God’s wisdom, favor and direction on this property.  It has buildings suitable for some of the initial work we see needed, such as an expansion of our schools, a place for an adjunct clinic, and other ministries such as a senior community center.  The land is flat, has a large house and some smaller houses and outbuildings on it.  There is a pond and some orange groves as well.  I have included some photos so you can get a visual.  I will be taking the gentleman who has been doing the negotiating with the government and political folks over to have a good look at the farm this Tuesday.  We will discuss exactly what our thoughts and vision are, and how we believe this could become a reality.

So, please put this as a priority prayer request for this week, and even beyond…and let’s just see what God will do!

May our Lord Jesus bless you in new and deeper ways this week!


Rob, Jan and Bella

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From Fr. Harry’s brother, Rob —

Our first day of “winter” was about 20 plus degrees here…Centigrade that is…pushing 70 degrees F yesterday…and pushing almost 80 today…not bad for winter…

Blessings on each of you for your prayers…and thank you for your kindness in supporting us in prayer.

Our first request is for our upcoming travel through Amsterdam, Holland, and then to Seattle for a short visit.  We leave for Amsterdam on 29 June, take a few days there in Holland, then arrive 2nd of July in Seattle.  Bella and I leave for home on the 19th, Jan will follow nearly ten days later.  In between,  Jan and I will each be visiting our elderly fathers out of state.  Please pray for Godspeed as we have lots of travel, flights, and so on.  Pray for protection and His leading each step of the way.

Second, please pray for the Ubuntu Schools, the Riverview Bible School and our home fellowship to flourish while we are away…and for the staff to keep things running safely and smoothly during this time.

Third, please pray that we accomplish all that needs to happen while we are home, and for us to really rest in His love while visiting family and friends.

Thank you and bless you all….

Rob (and for Jan and Bella)

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Our grandson Michael  is sick. He is not eating well and we are concerned. Thanks,


O Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd of the sheep, who gathers the lambs in your arms, and carries them in your bosom: We commit into your loving hands this child, Michael. Relieve his pain, guard him from all danger, restore to him your gifts of gladness and strength, and raise him up that he might come to know and love you. Hear us, we pray, for your dear Name’s sake.  Amen

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Attached is the bulletin for tomorrow’s service for downloading…

2 After Pentecost 6-22-14 (blog)

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From Bishop Morse —

Marianne had the port for chemo therapy installed in her right shoulder yesterday and begins chemo on Monday. Her doctor said that after 2 weeks (chemo once a week) they will do a scan to see what effect it is having on the cancer and then assess how long they need to do this. Thank you for your continued prayers for her.

Blessed are you God our God, King of the universe,
who knows where the cancer cells are and uses medicine to destroy cancer, and who brings health and life at a time of Marianne’s great vulnerability. We pray that you will cause the chemo drugs to find the cancer cells;to effectively destroy them; and to help her other cells be so healthy that the cancer cells cannot grow back. Your word promises that you are a sun and a shield; we pray that you will shield our sister, Marianne, from any harmful side effects and bring her to complete wholeness in you.  Amen


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