Month: February 2014

Prayer Request–South Africa

From Fr. Harry’s brother in South Africa:

 I am asking for concerted prayers for the people in Riverview, the little village where Ubuntu School is and where the vast majority of our ministry lies.  I just received news that the South African authorities came through the village late the other night and began arresting people they suspected of being “illegal aliens” from neighboring countries.  These are, for the most part, the “poorest of the poor” who are incredibly disenfranchised and now are jailed or have fled into the bush and to the nearby river.  Please pray for the Christian community to come together to work through the best way to help our brothers and sisters.  Pray for peace to prevail and for wisdom from God

Peace to each of you…


Rob (and for Jan)

Father Harry’s Retirement Information

Dear Friends,

Please know you are all invited to attend my retirement dinner and ceremony on the 3rd and 4th of April.  We fully realize that for many of you it would be a very long trip and may not be possible, but Sherry and I wanted you to know we value your friendship and that you are invited.

This first link will take you to the invitation for the Retirement Dinner on Thursday evening, April 3.  Please RSVP to indicate your meal choice. It will be very casual (Jeans are Ok, Air Force Academy attire encouraged & Please note that it is a No-host event).

This second link will take you to the invitation for the Retirement Ceremony on Friday morning, April 4.  It will be a formal military ceremony and dress will be Uniform of the Day or Business Attire.

Please note that both events are scheduled for the Hope Hotel at the main gate of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Gate 12A), which is technically off-base, so will be easy access to all.

Remember, too, that if you are staying for the weekend, we are recommending a visit to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, on Wright-Patterson, which is massive and is amazing (and Free!).

If you know of others who may be interested in attending, please feel free to forward this email to them.

Thank you for even considering attending either event!

Blessings to all,

Harry Mathis

Harry P. Mathis III, Ch, Col, USAF

Command Chaplain

Air Force Materiel Command

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH

DSN 986-2987

Commercial 937-656-2987



Dominion Coffee House Friday, February 21

Every Year the DA National Honor Society hosts a Coffee House as a fundraiser for the school. We invite YOU and your friends and family to experience handcrafted coffee drinks and live music performed by our student body. We hope you will come, relax and enjoy the evening, which begins at 7:00 p.m. at the school.   All proceeds will be used to benefit Dominion Academy.

Dominion Academy Coffee House

Every Year the DA National Honor Society hosts a Coffee House as a fundraiser for the school. We invite YOU and your friends and family to experience handcrafted coffee drinks and live music performed by our student body. We hope you will come, relax and enjoy the evening, which begins at 7:00 p.m. at the school.   All proceeds will be used to benefit Dominion Academy.



Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

This coming Saturday, February 15, all men of the parish and their friends are invited to breakfast and fellowship at the church.  Duane Veley will be cooking up some tasty food and it’s a great time to get together and get to know each other a bit better.  Come join us from 7:30 till 9:00 a.m.!

Another Car Need!

From Fr. Harry —

Matt & Sarah would be greatly helped if they could borrow a vehicle during their stay here.  The full time is Feb 20 to May 6, but any part of that time would be a help, especially when Matt arrives about March 10 to April 6.  If you can help, please contact Fr. Harry.  Thanks very, very much!

Automobile Needed

From Charles and Amanda Roberts —

We are in the market for a used minivan at a good price.  Ours is in need of serious repairs, and we believe it would be better to purchase something used.  If you hear of anyone who is selling their van, let us know.  We will need to purchase something this month.  Charles’ cell –(318)364-0633 or homr –(937)274-0034

Update on Bill and Dorathea Fortener

Hello everyone  –


Well, thus far, 2014 has been better for us than last year.  We went to the vascular cardiologist yesterday and to our family practice physician today.  Things are looking up  –  thanks to all of you for your prayers, cards, visits, and love.  Bill now weighs 132.4 lbs, after having been stuck at 125-126 for about a month.  We’ve been able to slow down his gut functioning, which has helped  –  this has lessened the dumping syndrome.  He is still quite weak and shaky and has spells of dizziness, but definitely showing improvement.  He still has blood clots in his left leg, not only from the knee to his waist, but also in his calf and ankle now.  He in on a dozen medications as well as a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, potassium supplement, aspirin, and a super B complex vitamin.  Sometimes I feel like I’m running a pharmacy, but it’s keeping him upright and breathing, which is the goal. J  Our next goal is for him to gain weight, strength, and stamina by Easter.  It will be nice when spring comes so he can get outside and rest on the covered deck.  He does occasionally get cabin fever.  I’ve been busy doing deep-down spring cleaning  –  have shampooed all the upholstered furniture and carpet in the rec room downstairs and in the study.  I can clean while taking care of Bill and being there for his meds, bath, dressing, and meals.  I have always loved to work and be busy, so as strange as it may seem, I’m actually enjoying taking care of Bill and the house, the dog, and my rentals.  God has blessed me with high levels of energy and enthusiasm, for which I am so thankful.  Sure glad I’m not lazy!

My book  –  One Cook, One Book  –  is at the publishers and in the process of becoming available within 3-4 weeks.  This book has been a dream and long-term project of mine for about 40 years.  It contains over 1200 recipes formatted alike, cooking basics (cooking terms, measurements, substitutions, ingredient equivalents, cuts & cooking methods for meat, proper food storage etc.), and  –  what separates it from all other cook books  –  365 different dinner meal plans, one for each day of the year.  This was the most difficult part of the book to complete, taking into account seasons and holidays.  The index is super organized; you can find any recipe within 15 seconds.  None of the recipes call for exotic, seldom-if-ever used ingredients.  I’m very happy to have completed this work of love.  It will make a good wedding, Christmas, or birthday gift, so if you know anyone who might be interested in buying it, please put them in touch with me.

So, gone is Bill’s stomach, spleen, duodenum, transverse colon, pneumonia, heart attack, and blood clots in his lungs.  Gone is 2013!  What did not disappear is our faith, our trust in God,  and the ability to have hope even in the midst of adverse circumstances and situations we may encounter.  We are forever grateful to God for the love he has poured out upon us through all of you!! Step by step, we cheerfully face each new day, ready to tackle whatever is placed before us.  I’d like to share a couple of poems the Lord gave me this morning. Perhaps they will touch your heart; they follow.  I love each of you, Mother/Grandma/Dorathea



Written by Dorathea Fortener

January 31, 2014


Life is simply a journey on our way to Paradise;

Experiences I encounter keep me humble and make me wise.

From childhood to adulthood, there are many ways I grow;

The twists and turns along the road, I often cannot know.

Sometimes there are obstacles  –  they’re just bumps on the road;

But God is always with me and He lightens up my load.

I go to school to learn –  it prepares me for this life.

I may remain single, I may choose a husband or a wife.

I begin the journey with excitement and with eagerness;

As children enter into my life, I feel that I am blessed.

Day by day I trudge through valleys and climb unexpected hills;

With God as my counselor, I know how to pay the bills.

Before I know it, my children are grown and leave my home.

Without a given purpose, from my journey I may roam.

All the things I’ve done and the stuff collected along the way

Suddenly don’t seem as important when I reach this new day.

I now have time to pause and spend time with those I meet.

The journey’s getting shorter; fatigue sets into my feet.

God has given me wisdom so I can help others journey, too

I choose my words carefully and know what I must do.

I may have grandchildren whose journey has just begun.

They’re taught that work comes first, followed by joyful fun.

Like mine, their journeys will take them to places unexpected.

The way they go through life is the path they have selected.

The only thing that matters as the journey winds around the trees

Is that I bring honor and glory to God and spend time upon my knees.

How else can I know that I’m on the road according to God’s plan?

He knows that I may wander, which is why he holds my hand.

As I round the last curve and climb over the last steep hill

The question is: as I journeyed, was I faithful  –  did I do God’s will?



Written by Dorathea Fortener

Januagy 31, 2014


Once I was young, now I am old;

Once I was timid, now I am bold.

Once I had stories that I had not told;

I now repeat them – my memory’s grown cold.

I can’t remember if I told you or not,

But I can answer the questions of how, when, and what.

As this chapter of life ends and I turn the page

It matters not what others think of my age.

For it is life that I love, every minute of it

And I’ll live with hope ‘til I’m forced to quit.

So, whether you’re immature or getting “ripe”

Live each day to its fullest  –  you have only one life.



Update on South African baby

From Fr. Harry’s brother Rob in South Africa —

Yesterday, Friday the 31st, we drove Corban to Cape Town (Tygerburg Hospital) so he could be with his wife and daughter.  He called this morning (Saturday the 1st) and was excited to say that the doctors have seen very positive improvement in little Shalom and have decided for now NOT to perform surgery (to open up an airway in her throat) because she is improving without it! Please continue to pray for Shalom’s complete healing and restoration, for God’s direct hand to be on the surgeons and other medical personal attending to Shalom, and for a protective covering to be over this “new in the Lord” family.

Thank you so much for your prayers!




It’s EXTREMELY Icy out there this morning!

We will still have church today for those who venture out — but be warned that the freezing rain we’ve had has made streets, driveways, and sidewalks extremely slick.  Please be very careful — and don’t take a chance if you have any hesitation.