Month: January 2014

Update on Fr. Chris

Fr. Chris’s surgery today went well, although the doctor is keeping him in the hospital tonight rather than sending him home.  He is facing six weeks of his leg “straight out”, followed by physical therapy to regain range of motion and a proper gait.  Please keep Fr. Chris and Carol in your prayers.  And thank you, everyone who has stepped up to provide support in numerous ways.  An awesome picture of the Body of Christ in action!

Meals for the Chris Herman family

Fr. Chris will be having surgery today (Friday) to repair a ruptured quadriceps in his right leg.  Although the surgery is outpatient, the recovery will be painful and we want to support the family by providing some meals for them.   We have tonight and Sunday taken care of, but would like a few more days.  If you can help, please call Anita Evanhoe — 623-2570 — and she will get you scheduled and provide any information you may need.  Thank you for this tangible show of love and support.

Prayer Request — Rob Mathis

From Fr. Harry’s brother in South Africa —

We are asking for prayers as soon as you read this:

I have been entrusted to oversee a small home church here.  One of my flock (Corban) has great need for prayers for his baby girl, Shalom, born prematurely and now two months old.  She was airlifted out of our little town earlier today to a hospital in Cape Town with serious respiratory issues.  Please pray for God to completely heal this precious baby…and to give peace and strength to these young parents, Corban and Moluvuyo, as well as wisdom, knowledge and insight to the physicians treating Shalom.  Also, please pray for favor for Corban’s employer, as we are going to need this for them to allow him to travel and miss work.

Peace and blessings,

Rob (and for Jan)

Almighty Father, who alone can accomplish far more than we can ask or even think, we agree with our brother Rob for the healing of this baby, and for peace and comfort for the family.  We ask, knowing that you hear us and thank you for undertaking according to your perfect plans and great mercy and love.  Amen

Update on Fr. Chris

Just spoke with Fr. Chris.  His right quadricep is indeed ruptured and he will likely have surgery on Friday.  Although the surgery itself is outpatient, he will likely have a fairly long convalescence.  Right now he is getting around a little bit, using a walker and a brace.  It is very painful.  Not sure what the post-surgical time will include at this point.  We will all need to step up to be sure that his ministries are carried out and the family is supported through all of this.  Please keep Fr. Chris and Carol in your prayers and ask the Lord what you can do to help.

Almighty God, thank you for your great love for each of us.  We pray for our brother, Fr. Chris, and ask that you would manifest yourself to the Herman family as a very present help in this time of trial.  We pray for great skill and wisdom for the surgeon and all the medical staff who will minister to Fr. Chris and ask that the surgery be successful and the time of recuperation and restoration be speedy and complete.  We pray that all the details of his ministries will be worked out smoothly, that Jesus Christ would be glorified, and that the work of the Kingdom of God would be advanced.  All this we ask in confidence that you hear and undertake on our behalf, in Jesus’ precious name.   Amen