Month: July 2013

Prayer request from Currents


Susan Current asked that we pray for Trinity, Donovan and her son, Doug. Doug and the kids were living with Susan and Greg. Recently, Doug found some housing. Today, Trinity, Donovan and Doug moved out of the Current’s house.

Susan asked that we pray that Doug can keep this new place to live and that Trinity and Donovan would have a stable home. Pray that the move and the transition goes well.

Prayer Request Update

From Karen Burns —

Lucy’s original surgery date was postponed till this morning.  She is out of surgery and all went well, except she is now distraught.  (Understandable for a three year old.)  Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery.  Thank you for your prayers.

Setup for Sunday School

If you can come a few minutes early tomorrow to help reset the Green Room for Sunday School, it would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks very much!

Baby Shower!

From Sherry Miller —  Please join us in celebrating the arrival of Mary Mae’s and her husband Timothy’s baby boy!  Tuesday, August 6, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. at the church.

Mary is registered at Target.  We do hope you can join us on the joyous occasion!  Please RSVP to Sherry at

Prayer Request

From Karen Burns —

Lucy Smith (Paul and Karen’s granddaughter) is having outpatient surgery on Thursday to have her adenoids removed along with a procedure on her tongue.   Please pray for Lucy and Andrea.  (Mom is nervous – the kid is clueless! )

Oh Father, we thank you for this precious family and in particular our thoughts are with Lucy Smith for her upcoming surgery.  Thank You that Your gracious hand is upon this family, and thank You that You have brought them through other trials and illnesses.  We pray for the surgeon and the surgical staff tomorrow who will be operating on Lucy, and ask that Your presence be manifestly apparent to all who come in contact with the Smith family.  We ask that Lucy’s recovery be complete and painless and that this will redound to the Glory of God, for the sake of Your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen 

Prayer Request

David Kinder (our newest brother in Christ) has asked for prayer for his father who has diabetes, has been in and out of the hospital, and is not doing well.


Our loving heavenly Father, we pray for our brother David’s father in his time of sickness.  We ask that You would strengthen him and raise him up from his sickbed.

We thank You for his son David’s willingness to come to You in prayer and thank You that when we ask anything in Jesus’ name, You will hear our requests. We pray

that this will be a wonderful opportunity for David to see Your hand in his life, and we ask it in the name of Your son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Amen

Vacation Bible School – NEXT WEEK!

A couple of reminders from VBS Leader Barbara Zepernick:  1)  If you have items you are contributing for VBS, please bring them to church on Sunday.  Setup will be happening after church.

2)  If you haven’t let Barb or Dss Candy know that you are bringing children to VBS, we need your reservations ASAP so that we’ll have ample supplies and snacks.  Thanks, everyone, for your help in making this important part of our children’s Christian formation a huge success!

Prayer Request

From Karen Burns:

Please pray for a friend of Andrea Burns Smith, whose fourteen week old daughter is in Children’s Hospital with a possible enlarged heart.  She was having difficulty gaining weight, causing her doctor concern.  To add to this Roxanne (the mom) was due to have (serious) surgery this week, and her other daughter was diagnosed with Autism.  This family really needs encouragement and our prayer support.  Thank you.

O Lord, who feels the pain of the world, and looks with  pity upon all sick and suffering persons, enfolding them with your love; Grant that in the midst of pain and suffering, they may find your presence; in the time of confusion and fear, that they would feel your compassion;  to the doctors and nurses grant tender hearts and healing hands; and give health again in body and soul, for your tender mercy’s sake.  Moreover, we pray that you would  most particularly watch with us over this sick child for whom our prayers are offered, and grant that she may be restored to that perfect health which it is yours alone to give; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

Need Photography Help

Calling our parish camera people — I need a good picture of the sanctuary with the new seating.  If you could take one that can be sent to me electronically, I would greatly appreciate it.  (Dss Candy) And…I need it rather soon!  Thanks so much….

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

The men of the church will meet this coming Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast and prayer.  Please come and join the other men of the parish for a great time of food and fellowship.  All men 16 and over are invited to attend.

Coffee Help Needed on Sunday

Please post to blog:


The Evanhoe family will be taking Joni and Jessie to the airport Sunday morning to leave for their mission trip to Germany. So Michael and I need someone to make coffee and set up hospitality since we won’t be available.


Chuck Evanhoe

Please let the Evanhoes  know if you can help.  They can provide instruction…

VBS Supplies Needed

Can you help with any of these things for our Vacation Bible School — evenings, July 15 through 19?  Please email  (Barb Zepernick) with your contributions.

We need a few more canopy-tents, if anyone has them.

Sheets–white and bright colors

Large baskets

artificial plants

Pool noodles

Someone to play Dionysius–a friend of the Apostle Paul

Some actors for daily skits

A snack leader (adult or nearly adult)

A game leader. (adult or nearly adult)

Two more teens to lead an Oikos group

a couple of bags of miniature candy bars


Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Urgent Prayer Request

Received this today forwarded by Bp. Morse — > I’d appreciate if you could alert our RE Online brothers and sisters that Deaconess Mary Jane
Mathieu is in intensive care in a comatose state and needs our prayers for God to bring her back. She suffers from diabetes but last Thursday morning she went
into a seizure/semi comatose state. We thought initially it was from her diabetes. Actually there is some kind of severe metabolic breakdown caused by
an unknown infection in her body. As you may know, she only has one kidney that is a transplanted one from her son. She has done well with the one kidney until
now. After last Thursday morning after trying to bring her around, she was sedated to put her in a restful coma. They have now removed the sedation and
are working to ease her back. She really needs all of our prayers right now. Pray that God will heal her, bring her back and completely restore her. We’ll
keep you posted as we know more. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

+Ray Sutton