Month: June 2013

Ideas for Outreach/Evangelism that Anyone Can Do

Some Ideas on How to Extend Christ’s Love to Your Neighbors

  1. Stay outside in the front yard longer while watering the yard
  2. Walk your dog regularly around the same time in your neighborhood
  3. Sit on the front porch and let kids play in the front yard
  4. Pass out baked goods (fresh bread, cookies, brownies, etc.)
  5. Invite neighbors over for dinner
  6. Attend the parties invited to by neighbors
  7. Do a food drive or coat drive in winter and get neighbors involved
  8. Have a game night (yard games outside, or board games inside)
  9. Art swap night – bring out what you’re tired of and trade with neighbors.
  10. 10. Grow a garden and give out extra produce to neighbors
  11. 11. Start a weekly open meal night in your home
  12. 12. Do a summer BBQ every Friday night and invite others to contribute
  13. 13. Create a block/ street email and phone contact list for safety
  14. 14. Host a sports game watching party
  15. 15. Host a coffee and dessert night
  16. 16. Organize and host a ladies artistic creation night
  17. 17. Host a movie night and discussion afterwards
  18. 18. Start a walking/running group in the neighborhood
  19. 19. Start hosting a play date weekly for other stay at home parents
  20. 20. Organize a carpool for your neighborhood to help save gas
  21. 21. Volunteer to coach a local  sports team
  22. 22. Have a front yard ice cream party in the summer
  23. 23. Pray for your neighbors by name with your family

Tailgate Party – June 30

Independence Day Tailgate Party


Christ the King is holding our an annual Independence Day Tailgate Party, before the fireworks on Sunday, June 30th. All are welcome to come at 7:00pm and bring picnic food for your family and some to share!

Help Set Up for Sunday School!

The church was cleaned this week and the Green Room was “taken down” for it.  If you can come a few minutes early tomorrow — say 9:00 or so — we could certainly use your help in putting up the tables and the chairs again.

Thanks very much!

Bible Study, Anyone?

Any interest?  Easy to set something up for our Green Room; notify Dss Candy if interested.

A Hunger for God’s Word

The following article by Canon Phil Ashey first appeared in the June 14, 2013 edition of the AAC’s Weekly Email Update. Sign up for this free email here.

Dear Friends in Christ,

I want to follow up on the Anglican perspective video on Inductive Bible Study by sharing a bit more about the Bible study that I am now a part of on Monday nights.

We are currently studying the Gospel of John. The difference is that we are not using Bibles with chapter divisions, verses and footnotes. We are using the plain text of the Gospel of John in two versions, ESV and Amplified, printed out on 8.5×11 paper without any chapter or paragraph breaks. We do have numbers for the lines on the left so that we have some way of referencing where we are! But this “manuscript” is simply the text of the Gospel of John itself. This is exactly the way we did ‘manuscript’ studies Bible study “dig-ins” when I was involved in Stanford Christian Fellowship (Inter-Varsity).

We meet in the large basement of a home. There is wonderful hospitality and social interaction prior to the study. We start promptly at 7 pm with a brief introduction of newcomers and prayer. We spend 30 minutes around tables in small groups “reading, marking, learning and inwardly digesting” the text we have been assigned to read. The wonderful thing about this manuscript is that you can mark it up, highlight it, circle repeating words, draw lines of connection, and write down observations and questions as much as you want! And we all do. The holy silence while people take the text so seriously and dig in to it is absolutely tangible!

After that first 30 minutes of personal study, we then spend another 30 minutes sharing around the table what we observed and learned. The conversation is deep and rich and lively and leads to further observations, interpretation and application (the three dimensions of inductive Bible study).

By now an hour has gone by. Our host invites the whole group to come back and each person to share for no more that 60-90 seconds one thing that they learned from the text that night. No one has to share – in fact, if you don’t want to share, you can say “pass”. But most people do. Before we begin the sharing we pray for the Holy Spirit (again) to guide us into the truth of this inspired text. Since there are 52 people at this study (even more last week), it takes about 45 minutes for everyone to share.

Think about that: 52 people gathered on a Monday night to spend over two hours in Bible study. And here is another remarkable thing – of those 52 people, I would guess at least 40 were between 18-25 years old! We had people ranging in age from 8 to 78 years old! Through the sharing, we discover how rich and full of “grace and truth” God’s word really is, like a diamond with many facets, each person contributing an observation of one of those facets. At times it feels a bit like popcorn, with one observation provoking another and another.

What strikes me is the deep hunger young people have for the word of God and its practical application to their lives. My three daughters, ages 26, 18 and 15, are also in this study (at different tables, of course!). As a father, I can think of no greater joy than to hear my own children receiving and sharing deep insights from God’s word.

I believe with all my heart that this is a picture of the future we have as Anglicans as a younger generation of leaders rises up, established on the sure foundation of God’s word. We ended with another 30 minutes of prayer for personal needs – and that, too, was deep, fervent and moving. As I head into Provincial meetings of the Anglican Church in North America next week (and for which I bid your prayers), I’ll be thinking of this Bible study and the hope it portends for revival in North America!

Yours in Christ,


The Rev. Canon Phil Ashey

Chief Operating and Development Officer, American Anglican Council

Hand Chimes Workshop

Handchimes, Handchimes !!


You are invited to come and learn to ring handchimes.  They are a beautiful instrument played in choir form that is fairly easy to master.  I will be teaching note reading, basic rhythms, and ringing technique to all beginners.  No musical background needed; we will start at the very beginning.

For those of you who read music and/or have rung in a handbell choir before, I will teach techniques and have more advanced music to ring.


Where?      Christ Our Hope (3425 Valley Street near Forest Ridge)

When?       Every Wednesday June 19th – July 31st (except July 3rd)

How long?  1:00 – 3:00 for the first week, then we may divide the time up

Who?                 Any child of 10 yrs & older AND adults (no matter your age!)


  • Learn to read music or improve current music reading skills
  • Learn a unique instrument
  • Ring in a choir
  • Have fun learning rhythm, techniques, and ringing music together
  • Short commitment to see if you like it!


RSVP to Lorelei Albert 233-3507, or email , so I can plan accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Christ Our Hope is again the t-shirt sponsor for the Forest Ridge Fighting Fish swim team.

The team thanks you very much for sponsoring our tie-dye t-shirts. I pray that the Word of God is proclaimed through this sponsorship.

Karla Herman

Many Hands Made Light Work

Thanks to all the following people who showed up today to help off-load, assemble, and configure our new seating:  (In no special order) Greg, Karla, Theresa, Maria, Caroline, and Joey Herman, Martha and Tom Berger, Ian and Byron Swanson, Pat, Darlene, Alex, and Bob Prenger, Michael Evanhoe, Fr. Chris and William Herman, Amanda, Nathan, James, Stephen (and Jane) Roberts, Jeff Brown,Dss Candy, Sherry and Lydia Mathis.  Gosh I hope I didn’t miss anyone!  It was a superb effort, and the new seating looks marvelous.  Thanks be to God for every single person who was involved in this project!  The chairs will be dedicated to the Glory of God on Sunday.

Reminder — Chairs Tomorrow!

We will be off-loading our new sanctuary chairs from the delivery truck, beginning at 10:00 a.m. — Lunch will be provided.  We need as many hands as possible to make this go quickly.  Please come if you can arrange the time!