Month: September 2012

Prayer Request – Berger Family

From Martha Berger:

Tom’s sister’s husband, Barry Tabor, has been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer.  Please pray for Barry, Jennifer, and their daughter, Jessie at this difficult time.

Father God, we pray for Barry at this most terrible time.  We pray that You will give him peace and consolation and wisdom to deal with all the many details and thoughts that are besetting him.  We pray also for Your grace and comfort for his wife and daughter and pray that You will give them strength to stand with Barry as he faces the ordeal ahead of him.  In Your mercy, Lord, we ask that Your perfect will be worked in Barry’s life and that divine healing will be his portion.  These things we offer to you, knowing that You are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think.    Amen

Update – Terri Sebree’s Mother

From Terri Sebree:

Mom had an exploratory laparotomy last evening. The surgeon cleaned out areas of infection and put in a couple of drains. She is stable, on a vent in ICU. It is one day at a time. I have no idea of what the prognosis is. I don’t know if the doctors can even say at this point. Vitals are stable, blood pressure is a little low, but she is on morphine. She is being kept completely sedated.

Thank you for the prayers. We are being sustained and Mom is comfortable.

O Lord, our helper and our healer, we thank You for your protection for Terri’s mother.  We thank You for the wisdom You have given to the medical professionals caring for her, and we bless You for Your faithfulness.  We pray that Terri and her family will be sustained by Your loving and mighty hand during this time, and that they will feel Your love ever-present with them.  We pray this heavenly Father, in Your son Jesus Christ’s holy name.   Amen

Prayer Request

Terri Sebree’s mother is experiencing a lot of bleeding and is returning to the hospital. Please pray for her healing. Also pray for Terri as she is doing her best to support her mother through this difficult time of recovery.

Prayer Request – Andrea Burns Smith

Andrea Smith’s friend is expecting her third child in February and recently found out that the baby has fluid on the brain and possible type 2 chiari malformation.

Please pray for this young mother and her family–she has two young children. Please pray for healing and that God would reach down and give Andrea’s friend peace and comfort as they deal with this news. They find out more information on Wednesday.

O God, the author of life, in whose heart all babies are first formed, we pray for this child of Yours.  We ask for Your healing and Your mercy and Your comfort.  In Your good time, bring this family through this difficult and painful season with a peaceful and merciful resolution.  You alone work miracles, in You alone do we find our peace.  We pray in humble obedience and entrust the situation into Your loving hands.  Amen

Prayer Request – Veley Family

Last week the Veleys agreed to host a foreign exchange student from S Korea.  Miss Woo will be arriving this Thursday evening and will be a student at DA.

Please pray for safe travels and a healthy and safe time ehile staying here. Pray that she adjusts well to her temporary home and has a positive experience in America.

Also pray for the Veleys that they may be gracious hosts and adjust to the changes in the dynamics within their household.


O God of all the nations of the world, we thank You for the blessed opportunity of sharing Your love with a young girl from South Korea.  We pray for Your hand of protection for her as she travels here, and for Your Holy Spirit to comfort her in all the strange, new surroundings.  We ask that we may be an extension of Your love and a demonstration of Your goodness to this girl, and that all who have a part in her life here will be channels of Your grace.  Let everything flow smoothly during the time of transition and give Your peace in great abundance in the Veley household.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen

Prayer Request

From the Bergers:

Tom and I ask your prayers for his nephew, Richard.  He was a troubled young man who died of an overdose last Saturday.  We ask your prayers for his mother, Tom’s sister, Melanie; his father Bob; his brother Eric; and for his aunts and uncles.

Thank you so much.

Almighty God, father of all mercy, who alone knows the hearts of  Your children, we pray for Richard who has entered into Your nearer presence.  In Your mercy, receive this troubled child of Yours into Your eternal love and let light perpetual shine upon him.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, Your son and our Lord, who reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, ever one God, world without end.   Amen

Prenger Egyptian Update

From Pat Prenger:

Lisa & Ann have left Egypt and are on their way home (last seen in Frankfurt).  Dr. Kris is in Heliopolis (near Cairo) for a conference before returning to Bangladesh.

Please pray that they would all return to their homes safely.  Thanks to everyone for prayers so far,  as they were able to be in Egypt during the unrest and moved about without incident.


Gracious God and Father, we give You thanks for Your care and protection of Lisa, Ann, and Kris in Egypt.  We pray that their return trips will be without incident and that they will continue to be upheld by Your power.  We give You thanks for their lives and offer You our praise and thanksgiving for Your lovingkindness to them and to us.  In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.


Prenger Prayer Request Update

The three Prenger sisters who are in Egypt right now are Dr. Kris, Ann, and Lisa Trimbach.  Please keep them in your prayers for protection and safe travel.

Prayer Request – Dr. Kris Prenger

I talked with Darlene Prenger today and she told me that Dr. Kris and two of her sisters are in Egypt right now.  With everything that is going on, they need our prayer support big time!

Father God, the high and mighty ruler of the universe, in whose hands are all the nations of this world, we pray for Dr. Kris and her travelling companions in Egypt and ask You for divine protection from all danger, evil, and fear.  We thank You that You have commanded us to be not terrified when we see these frightening things happening.  We thank You that we can look to our Lord Jesus Christ to keep us in perfect peace when our minds are stayed on Thee.  We bless You that You are watching over Your children in Egypt and we ask that You would bring them home safely.  We pray these things in confidence, knowing that You hear us and love us and want good for our lives.    Amen

Urgent – Host Families Needed

Dear Dominion Friends and Families,

At the last minute, we have the opportunity to take in two additional South Korean students for this school year. However, we need a couple families that would be willing to host them. Hosting foreign students can be enjoyable because families get an opportunity to learn about their lifestyle and culture, their family, and their hopes and dreams for the future. They go to church with us and on outings and even vacation with us at times. They learn to speak better English, what it’s like to be an American and become one of the few people on earth who can say they attended a quirky Christian school called Dominion Academy of Dayton. Many times these relationships become life-long. Don’t miss your opportunity. The students will arrive in the next week or so and leave just after school is out in early June.

These students come with their tuition and school expenses paid and a small monthly stipend to off-set your household’s expenses. Please let me know by Thursday, September 13.

Thank you for reaching,

Dss. Michelle Caldwell
Headmaster, Dominion Academy

Prayer Request – Mary Mae Miller

Please pray for Mary Mae Miller.  She has a mass that must be biopsied.

Lord Jesus Christ, our healer and our God, we pray for your child Mary Mae, that You would make Your love and presence and comfort known to her in very particular and tangible ways, that You would give wisdom to the doctors, and bring healing to Mary.  Holy Spirit, our comforter, we pray that You would comfort and relieve Mary according to Your plans for her life and give her strength at this time, and that You would raise her up in wholeness and health.  Thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


No Surgery tomorrow


Thank you for the update. Praying all will work out.


From: Karla Herman []
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 11:37 AM
To: ‘Jon Miller’;; ‘Fr. Mashburn’; ‘Amanda Roberts’; ; ‘Anita Evanhoe’;; ‘Karen Burns’; ‘Eva Gangloff home’; ‘Greg Herman’; ‘JoAnn Roberts’
Subject: No Surgery tomorrow


Greg’s liver enzymes were higher today than they were on Friday. So, the surgery is cancelled for tomorrow. Greg will go to a liver specialist to look for a reason for the elevated levels. He could have a virus. When his body is done fighting it off, the blood test will show that, and the surgery can be rescheduled.

We’ll keep you posted as this story unfolds.


No Surgery tomorrow


Greg’s liver enzymes were higher today than they were on Friday. So, the surgery is cancelled for tomorrow. Greg will go to a liver specialist to look for a reason for the elevated levels. He could have a virus. When his body is done fighting it off, the blood test will show that, and the surgery can be rescheduled.

We’ll keep you posted as this story unfolds.


Prayer Update – Darlene

This is a prayer update for Darlene Prenger.

Thanks to everyone for praying for Darlene
today.  Darlene had new and unexpected pain
last night and was very concerned that  
some stitches had torn or something was
coming undone. 

We had a doctor visit this morning and the doctor
was able to determine the source of the pain 
and suggested a treatment to help reduce the
pain.  The healing process from the surgery
seems to be coming along as expected.

We are very grateful that no dramatic 
complications have come up.  Darlene needs to
rest, and keep activity to a minimum.  We thank
you for your prayers, and ask that you continue
to pray for complete healing from the 

Thanks,  Pat P.

Prayer Request

Please pray for Darlene Prenger.  She
had surgery on 8/22 and is experiencing
discomfort with an incision site.

She will be seeing the doctor on
Sunday morning.  Please pray for healing
and a good outcome from the doctor’s

Thanks, Pat

Calling All Women of the Church

You are invited to dinner at the home of Anita Evanhoe on Friday, September 14 at 6:30 p.m.  This will be our first opportunity to get together as the women of the church to talk about what we would like to do.  This is not a meeting to divvy up the work!  We want to plan some fun and interesting activities for the women during the coming year — activities that will be worth your time.  We need everyone’s input.  All women — 18 and over — are invited.  In order to prepare enough dinner, please let either Anita Evanhoe or Dss Candy know that you are coming.  We really want to see you there!