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I ask everyone who has a canopy-type tent who is willing to loan it to the parish for the Back to School Bash being held this Saturday, August 4th to do three things:  (1) Rejoice in the Lord; (2) Let Fr. Chris know you have intentions to loan it to the parish; and (3) Get it in the hands of Fr. Chris before Saturday morning.  One possiblility for an easy hand-off would be tomorrow night’s Pack, Pizza, Praise, and Prayer time at the church.  Thank you in advance!


Fr. Chris



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Hi, we are missing a center piece vase from Adrian & Elizabeth’s
wedding last Saturday night.  It is a 4″ square vase, 12″ tall, with
a small metal disk/spike in it.

It was a centerpiece on a table.  We know that often the
centerpieces at a wedding go home with someone from the same
table.  This sadly was not true in our case.  If you might know/seen
someone take one of the centerpieces home with them, please
give us a call.  Thanks for your help.  Call pat at 545-0631.

Thanks for letting us use this communication method to look
for our lost vase.  Pat Prenger

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Prayer Request

From Stanley Rodrigues:

My cousin (Prakash Baretto) from Arkansas is currently in ICU.  According to his wife he collapsed yesterday and was rushed to a hospital.  I believe

it’s related to his heart.  He is 47 years old and has 3 children.


Almight God, giver of life and health, we pray for Prakash and ask that, in Your mercy, You would grant him healing and strength.  Give to the doctors who attend him particular wisdom to know and to do the right things for his recovery.  Strengthen his family and, in particular, grant to his wife encouragement and comfort as she tends to her children and cares for her husband.  We trust You in all these things, and ask them in the strong and mighty name of Jesus Christ.    Amen

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Prayer Request

Anita Evanhoe’s mother was in a car accident over the weekend.  She is a bit banged up and sore but is doing okay.  Her car was totaled, and she seems to understands the need to no longer be driving.  By giving up her driver’s license she will need assistance getting to and from various appointments, work, and everyday sort of errands.  Anita, who was already in Kansas, has been working on getting different agencies to help meet these needs.  She said that it has been very apparent that the Holy Spirit has gone before her and made her path smooth.  She is asking that we pray that she would be able to continue work out the details, know what is needed to help in caring for her mother.  It is especially difficult with Anita living so far away from the situation.  Also, please pray for Anita’s emotional and physical strength.

Heavenly Father, who knows what we need even before we need it, we thank You for Your protection of Anita’s mother and for Your divine timing in allowing Anita to be there at this time.  We trust in your unfailing goodness towards us that You have smoothed the path for all the various details to be worked out.  We ask for continued healing for Anita’s mother and for strength and encouragement for Anita as she takes care of all the details.  We bless You for Your love and mercy, in Jesus’ name.  Amen

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From Karen Burns:

I took Robert (our grandson) to Children’s Medical last evening because he was running a fever.  They did blood tests, but nothing more was needed.  The tests showed that his white blood count (and his Neutrophils, whatever those are ) were up, considerably!  This is a very good thing for him.  He will have more tests done in South Dakota the first part of August in hopes of finding out what is causing the neutropenia.  Thank you for your continued prayer for Robert, and his parents, Dave and Andrea.

Thank you, Lord, for Your faithfulness and goodness toward Robert.  We praise You for his continued improvement and we ask that You guard him and keep him well until he is fully restored to health.  And we pray this, knowing that You hear us, in Your precious, holy name.   Amen

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The monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast, normally scheduled for the first Saturday of each month, has been changed for the month of August only.  Since the Back-to-School Bash is set for August 4, the men will meet for prayer and breakfast on Saturday, August 11, at 7:30 a.m. in the Kitchen.  Chef Jeff Brown will be serving up some good food and this is an opportunity for the men of the church to meet together for prayer and fellowship.  After the breakfast, all who can stay are invited to go to the Forest Ridge Gazebo for the monthly Neighborhood Prayer Walk at 9:00 a.m.  Please mark your calendars for this one-time change in dates.

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Praise Report

Many of you have been praying for 3-year-old Aubrey.  It is a joy to report that Aubrey was taken off the vent on Saturday, and the chest tube, feeding tube and drains came out yesterday.  She’s interacting with people and has been able to eat a little, sit up, and draw, and she’s smiling.  She’s still very tired and not out of the woods yet, but considering that her prognosis last week was very, very poor, her progress is wonderful.

Please continue to lift Aubrey and her family in your prayers, thanking God for His gracious goodness and healing.

Almighty God, we give you heartfelt thanks for your goodness and lovingkindness towards us and especially toward Aubrey.  We trust in Your unfailing love and ask for continued healing and protection for this precious little child of yours, and we pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, our savior and healer.   Amen

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