Month: March 2012

prayer request:Prenger’s


My mom came through her total hip replacement surgery very well. The hospital staff all raved about how well she did in surgery and in recovery. So, praise God!

But, my Dad has had a very bad cold and he sounded awful yesterday with a bad cough. My sister took him to urgent care (located in the same hospital where my Mom is) and he was admitted to the hospital last night with breathing problems. Mom and Dad are 2 doors down from each other.

So – please pray for Mom’s recovery from hip surgery and my Dad’s recovery from his breathing problems.


prayer request


Please pray for Doris Prenger who is having hip replacement surgery on Wednesday at 11:20 a.m. The Prenger/ Herman family would really appreciate it! Doris is Karla and Pat’s mother.

Prayer request

Terri Sebree’s mother (Patty Gilbert) had emergency surgery last night due to a ruptured intestinal wall. She is not doing well. She will be kept on a ventilator over the weekend and will be sedated for about a week. Terri said that next week will be a hard week, when she is awake. She will need another surgery and be moved to a long-term care facility because it will be a slow and very difficult recovery.

Please pray for Mrs. Gilbert and the entire Sebree family. Pray especially for Terri; ask the Lord to give her wisdom and strength as she cares for her mother while continuing to work and take care of her family.

Prayer follow-up

Follow up for Michael’s lung issues.

The only problem indicated is the asthma. They did not find any other problems. Pray for his faithfulness in taking his meds for the asthma. J



March Prayer Walk

March Prayer Walk is this Saturday, March 10th, 9 am, meeting at CoH.  Some of us may walk outside, but others may stay inside to pray.

Cookies For Kairos

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I will be joining 70 other Kairos volunteers at the Lebanon Correctional Institution (LeCI) for Kairos Weekend #44, March 15th thru the 18th, 2012.

LeCI is classified as a "Close Security" institution for adult men. The next higher security level is "Maximum," so the men

housed at LeCI are "In" for more serious crimes than those in "Medium" security institutions, but not bad enough to be placed

in the 23 hour lock-down environment at "Maximum Institutions"

As a team of volunteers, we will be taking somewhere around 10,000 dozen home-made, prayed-over cookies into the institution.

This collection of cookies will fill a small room! We will be ministering directly to 42 inmates who will be selected to attend the

weekend by the LeCI administration. However, EVERY inmate at LeCI will receive some cookies, depending on how many we

are able to bring in to the institution. Over the past 20 years of being a Kairos volunteer, I have been one of the 5 volunteers who take bags of cookies around to the various inmate living quarters and personally hand cookies to the inmates. At LeCI, that means taking cookies to several "cell blocks," each of which each have three tiers of 2 man cells. At first this was very traumatic for me because

when we make this distribution, the inmates are "Locked-Down" in their cells for one of the five times a day they are "Counted." The officer in charge of the block unlocks each cell door and slides it open so we can hand a bag of cookies to each inmate…you never

know what mood they may be in at that time. Currently there are in excess of 2000 inmates housed at LeCI.

My portion of the 10,000 dozen cookies is 200 dozen. I’m requesting your help in attaining at least that amount. Chocolate Chip

cookies are preferred, packed 2 dozen cookies per each one-gallon bag. Please do not make cookies with nuts, peanut butter or any kind of icing. They pack and survive the necessary handling, counting and travel pretty well two dozen per bag. Please write on the bag the amount of cookies placed in each bag. Also, DO NOT include any paper plates, notes or any other items in the bags; I will just

have to open the bag and remove them; the officers at the receiving dock and/or main entrance may visually examine each bag for possible contraband.

I will be picking-up the cookies brought to the church this Sunday, March the 11th.. I hope you will be able to help me reach my 200 dozen goal.

Also, I will have a form for anyone who is willing to sign-up to pray for the weekend. Time segments are one hour each. We want the entire weekend covered in prayer, so you will find that prayers are requested for each off the 24 hours of each day. We will only list

your first name when preparing a large chart which shows the inmates that someone somewhere is praying for them during the entire weekend. Also, I will have a sheet which lists some suggested reasons/topics you may find helpful during your prayer time.

Thank you for any support you are able to provide during this spirit-filled Kairos Weekend.

In His love and service,

Chuck Miller

Wednesday Noon Eucharist and Thursday Evensong Cancelled

There will be no Noon Eucharist on Wednesday, March 7 or Wednesday, March 14.  Also, there will be no Evensong on March 8 and March 15.  Regular schedule will resume after that.
However, the Lenten Soup Supper and Study will continue each Wednesday night, starting at 6:00 p.m. Dinner is from 6-7, with study and prayer following, finished by 8:00 p.m.  Bring a soup, salad, or bread to share…or just come along anyway because there’s always plenty!
See you then.