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One of the great riches that we as Anglicans have is the full canon of Scripture (73 books), which includes the Apocrypha (also known as the Deutero-canonicals).  It was not until the year 1519 that any significant controversy would arise regarding the Apocrypha.  There were various Protestant sects who looked to the Jews who, at their own Council of Jamnia, would no longer recognise the Apocryphal books.  Oddly, these Protestants groups decided to regard this Jewish council as authoritative, a council that was held after the time of the Messiah.

The Early Church used the Apocryphal books at Synagogue, and also included in their Feasts and Festivals such events as Hannukah, which comes directly from the Apocrypha.  Our Lord Jesus Christ used the Apocrypha, including participating in the Festival of Hannukah.  The Apocryphal books are interspersed throughout the Old Testament canon, with today’s reading from 1st Maccabees coming directly after the Old Testament book of Malachi.

Mainstream Anglicanism has always included the Apocryphal books in the Lectionary of the Church, though such readings are generally not included in the Eucharistic readings.  The Apocrypha is usually read at Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer, thus the reason why there is a reading from the Apocrypha today.   The lectionaries from the Book of Common Prayer of 1549, 1552, 1559, 1662, 1789, 1892, and 1928 all include readings from the Apocrypha for Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.

Most Protestant sects took the Apocrypha out of the canon of Scripture after the Reformation, though some will still give import to the reading of these books for historical value.  Anglicans, along with our Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox brethren, continue to maintain these books of the Bible in our lectionary because we find the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ to be authoritative for us, rather than a Jewish council that was held after the Messiah they rejected ascended into Heaven.

1 Maccabees describes the attempts of King Antiochus IV Epiphanes to Hellenise the entire Roman Empire, including the Jewish people.  There were many Jews who chose to accept foreign and pagan ways.  There was a remnant who remained faithful to the Jewish tradition and way of life that God had given them, and they suffered greatly for such faithfulness.

Today’s reading records the taking of the role of leadership of this faithful remnant by Judas Maccabeas after the death of his father, Mattathias.  Judas eulogises his father before going out and conquering those armies who had come to bring them into subjection to the ways of the foreign empire.  God blesses the faithfulness of this remnant, but such faithfulness did not mean they did not have to suffer difficulties.

If  you have questions about anything regarding our traditional use of the Apocrypha as Anglicans, please do not hesitate to ask.  God bless you all for your faithfulness.

Fr. Greg


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Prayer Books

We are short service booklets for use during Morning Prayer, tomorrow morning, July 31st.  With the limited number available, you may want to bring along your  Book of Common Prayer from home.

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Due to Fr. Greg’s being out of town and the vacation absence of many of our brethren, we are going to shift gears a little. Therefore, we will NOT be having ANY Sunday School this week. Everyone is invited to come early to church (9:30 or thereafter) to have a time of fellowship and preparation for Morning Prayer. Sunday School will resume next week (August 7).
Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to praying with you all.

Dcn. Dave

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Dear Christ Our Hope,

Rosanne and I would like to extend an open invitation to any in the parish who would like to attend the wedding of Erin Brown and Matt Ferdelman.  It has been quite a challenge for Erin and Matt to manage their guest list.  They have amassed a large circle of friends and co-workers, and coupled with a large Ferdelman family that lives close, and attending a large church, like Apex, and being involved in youth ministry there, their guest list was over 400.  Now that we have a pretty good idea on the final numbers, we can be assured that there will be a place to sit in the sanctuary if you would like to attend.  We cherish your presence.  The ceremony, with reception immediately following, is Saturday, 6 Aug, 1:30 pm, at Washington Heights Baptist Church, 5650 Far Hills Ave.

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Please mark your calendars! 

Christ Our Hope is having an outdoor event on Saturday, Aug. 13th from 10:30am – 12:00p.m for our neighbors at McMahan’s Trailer Park:   3324 Valley Street (event will take place at the playground, located just one block down Butane Blvd from Valley St.)

At this event, we will be distributing free school supplies.  There will be children’s games, balloons, and free bottled water.  This is a great chance to meet our neighbors!  McMahans is even providing us with an outdoor tent.

Thanks to those who have already given a lot of school supplies!  We were told by the management that there are 35 elementary and 25 high school students living there, so please continue to remember them as you shop in the coming weeks (see list at the end of this post). 

I am also looking for a few more volunteers to assist on the day of the event.  I need a few muscles to move coolers and a couple of tables.  I need a few kids or teens to help run the games and give away some candy.  I also just need a couple extra friendly faces to meet and greet our neighbors.  E-mail me if you can help cjherman@sbcglobal.net.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Carol Herman

Pens (blue or black) Highlighters
Pencils (#2) 2 pocket, 3 prong folders
Colored pencils 1 & 5 subject notebooks
Crayola markers (washable) Loose leaf paper(wide & college ruled)
Crayola crayons (24 box) Boxes of tissues
Glue sticks (Elmer’s only) Ziploc bags (quart & gallon sizes)
Soft pink erasers Lysol/Clorox wipes
Rulers Hand sanitizer pump(Germ X or Purell)
Scissors Small plastic school boxes

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I will be away for a few days in Missouri to handle a serious family crisis.  I expect to return 3 or 4 August.  The following are some updates to the Christ our Hope calendar:

1.  There will be no Wednesday Eucharist or Family Prayer this week (27 Jul), or next (3 Aug).

2.  Sunday, Dcn. Dave will lead the congregation in Morning Prayer.  Come on out and enjoy a beautiful liturgy.

If you have an pastoral emergency, please contact Dcn. Dave or Dss. Candy (after Dcn. Chris returns, you can contact him as well).  I will see you upon my return.  Your prayers are coveted.

Fr. Greg

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Wednesday Family prayer will not be at the Herman house – it will be at the Church.

There will be no gathering around the fire at the Herman house after music at the Gazebo this week.

Hope you all have a great week!

Karla Herman

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