Month: July 2010

CKAC:Fans needed!

Dear CK and COH friends,

Does anyone have a fan or two the Roberts family could borrow temporarily? Our air conditioner needs a new circuit board, and we won’t be able to replace it just yet. Any kind of fan would be appreciated! Please call or e-mail me if you can assist us in this way. I can arrange for pickup.



CKAC: ESL training

Here is news about ESL training from my friend, Jeff Wolff of South Dayton PCA. If anyone would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please let me know so I can pass along details. (Barb 878-9826 baharvey)

Forwarded message:

Hi Barb

I think I mentioned to you about the ESL training that will happen at
our church on Aug. 6 and 7. The training will be done by Nancy Booher who is the person in charge of the ESL ministry with Missions to North America. I have attended her training sessions before and she is EXCELLENT. I wanted to extend an invitation to you and anyone at Christ the King to attend. The cost is $40. Please let me know if you plan on attending. We’d love to have you and others from your church.


CKAC/COH:students in need of housing

Dear church family,

I’ve been contacted for help by a local Rwandan friend who has arranged WSU scholarships for 35 students from Rwanda, including 3 married couples. She tells me the only way this will be possible for them is to find host families in the Dayton area. They will arrive in Dayton financially unable to rent housing.

This is an amazing opportunity for these students. Less than 10% of Rwandans receive a high school education, and only 1.7% are able to obtain a college education. Having spent time in Rwanda, I can tell you that Rwandans are very warm, friendly people who have a strong desire to make their society better, and are willing to work hard to that end.

This is not a request to make a 4 year commitment to provide a home for a student. Housing from September through December is desirable, and anything beyond that would be strictly up to each family. It will also probably be necessary to be near a bus route. It’s possible that, after a period of time, students may be able to find part-time employment and make other housing arrangements, but this is only a guess.

If you would like to help make this opportunity a reality for these students, please contact me (Barb 878-9826 baharvey) and feel free to forward this request to anyone you know who might be interested in helping.


CKAC:Last Call for Recipes

Ladies of Christ the King and Christ our Hope:

Our “Anglicans at the Table” cookbook is nearly ready for submission for printing. This is a last call for your favorite recipes to be included.

Just email them to me ASAP at candybenz . Martha Berger and I will get them in and we’ll be on our way!

Right now, we can use some more soups and vegetarian dishes, in particular – but anything you want to include is just great!



Candy Jacques

Evanhoe & Associates, Inc.

PO Box 24698

Dayton, OH 45424

CKAC/COH; Prayer request


JoAnn Roberts called to ask for prayer for her sister-in-law Marla. Marla’s had one-half of her large intestines removed early a.m. Thursday. She has a colostomy now and is recovering in the hospital.

Marla went to the hospital late Wednesday night due to severe pain. The doctor thought it was appendicitis, but it was acute diverticulitis, and her intestines had ruptured.

She will not be able to work as a nurse for several months as she recovers.

Marla is the wife of JoAnn’s brother, Joe. They have 3 kids, Craig, Rachel and Megan.

Thanks for praying for JoAnn, too, as Fred’s father has moved in with them and she is taking care of him, too. Mr. Roberts was in a severe accident a year ago (I think he was hit by a car) and is still not back to good health.

Karla Herman

Special Performances for COH/CKAC

Young & Old – come and enjoy youth ministry with the MISSION 55 FINE ARTS TEAM.

The group shares the truths of God’s love through song, dance, drama and the spoken word.

Come and see the MISSION 55 FINE ARTS TEAM on August 1. There are two performances, the first performance is from 9:30-10:15am at Christ Our Hope Church in Riverside, OH. The second performance is that evening starting at 7pm at the Forest Ridge Gazebo on Forest Ridge Blvd, Riverside, Ohio.

The group is from the Warwick Assembly of God Church in Hampton, VA. They have been invited to perform at the National Fine Arts Festival in Detroit, Michigan, and are stopping in Riverside for these two performances on Aug. 1. Come and enjoy!

The attached flyer contains photos of the team.

Several of the troupe members are children of Ron & Betsy Bishop. Ron, Betsy and family worshiped with Christ the King for many years before leaving for a new job in Virginia. They will be in town several days earlier to catch up with everyone.

Mission 55 Flyer1.pdf

CKAC/COH: Update on Leo W.


An update on Leo. He’s still having dizzy spells and last night was a big one.

He was ready for a hospital trip and for the first time he expressed the need to find out what’s going on. The Dr. appointment/tests didn’t show any problems so an MRI will be done and possibly other tests.

So far the day has been without any problems. Keep him in your prayers.


Housing for youth group: 4 or 5 girls left

Hi All,

Betsy Bishop, whose family used to live here, is coming through town with their youth group and doing a music/outreach night at the Gazebo while they are here. We are short housing for 4 girls

They will travel in Sat pm probably between 7-9pm july 31

Will need breakfast Sun/Mon (all other meals will be taken care of elsewhere)

And they will leave Mon am.

Their group will do a special outreach program at Christ our Hope Sun Aug 1 at 9:30 and at the Forest Ridge Gazebo at 7:00 that night.

Would you be willing to help or know someone preferably in Forest Ridge that you would feel comfortable recommending?

Thanks for considering,

Mary katheryn

Bridal shower announcement

All the women at CKAC/COH are warmly invited to an afternoon bridal shower for Briana Snyder at the new Downey house (2127 E. Fifth Street Dayton, OH 45403) on Saturday July 31st at 2:30 pm. Come join us for a time to celebrate her upcoming marriage, a chance to get to know her a little better, and an opportunity to fellowship together. Please RSVP to Bley Hack at

~Jennifer Downey, Erin Caldwell, and Bley Hack

*Briana is registered at both Target and

refugee need

Dear church family,

Tonight I heard about a Congolese lady, a refugee and the mother of 3 girls 5 yrs. and under. She and her husband were resettled in the northeast, and have been in the U.S. for a number of years. Her husband very recently abandoned her, leaving her with nothing, so she came to Dayton to be among friends in the growing Congolese Christian community. She is currently living in a homeless shelter with her children, and has been told it could take 2-3 months for an apartment to be found. This is a difficult situation, but even worse – she is required to leave the shelter all day. The shelter only provides dinner and a bed.

There are a number of Congolese families who can provide for her during the day, but transportation is a problem. Does anyone have a car they could either give to her, or let her borrow until she can move out of the shelter? She has a valid driver’s license. I know this is a big request, but let’s see what God can do! If you can help, please contact Barb Harvey (878-9826, baharvey )

Thank you!


Prayer request

I would ask your prayers for Debbie Bailey, she is the mother-in-law of one of my friend’s son. She has cancer in her eye and will be undergoing some extreme procedures to try to combat the cancer. Like placing a radioactive plate in her eye and then she’ll have to be isolated in a lead lined room for a week. What a challenging and frightening situation.

What a blessing it is that my Jewish friend asked for prayers for her co-mother-in-law who is also Jewish. God is our God and we are all blessed.

Thank you,
Martha Berger

CKAC: Help Wanted

For the church mailing lists…

I need two strong guys and a truck to pick up a refrigerator in Springboro, bring it to my house in Kettering, and move my old refrigerator out to the driveway. DP&L will pick up my old refrigerator on Tuesday, July 27, so I would need this done on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday right before that (24, 25, or 26 of July). Please, please can someone help me with this?! I will gladly pay.

Thanks very much.

Candy Jacques

COH Message


I am leaving Wednesday afternoon and will not be returning until the following Tuesday afternoon. In order to make things simpler, I hope to actually print the bulletin on Tuesday afternoon. If you have any adjustments or things you would like to add to the bulletin, please send that information to me at burnspk by NOON on Tuesday.

If you have any announcements that should come up after I’m gone, please e-mail them to Candy at candybenz.



CKAC/COH: Note from Mark Stevenson’s Sister

Fr. Wayne,

Please share this address with those would like to contact Kristy. She’s living with a good family friend Kathy Svinth, 4705 South 284th Pl., Auburn, WA 98001 253-859-9629

Kristy has been there since May and is doing very well with Sheree’s sisters and brother in the area giving her love and support. The plan is that she will stay there for the time being.

Mark will have a family memorial service in Auburn. Date has not been set, but it will be at St. Matthew’s Episcopal. Mark and Sheree were baptized and married there. They will be buried in Auburn as well.

Let us know when CK will be doing a memorial so we can pass the information to others.

Thank you,
Mark’s sister Debbie Baxter

PS For those worried about their dog Heidi. One of the ladies at the kennel already loves her and offered to give her a good home.

CKAC:Judee’s status

Hi all- just a brief and happy status on judee. she is back to near 100% now,
having finished her 5 day dose of the powerful antibiotics they prescribed for
her at the nellis air force base hospital when they released her. thank you for
all the prayers and kind words. we’ll be home on the 21st, and will be zombies,
due to the “red eye” flight home.

Till later, and God Bless America.

Ed, and Judee too.


CKAC: Update House sitter opportunity

My friends,

Thanks so much for responding to this need/opportunity. Mark’s sister met the neighbors and the neighbor’s son and family needed a place to live. She offered the house to them. Debbie was very grateful that so many offered to help.

God bless you,