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Here is a link to the Japan Mission’s Trip blog: http://jmtb5.wordpress.com/

I thought some people would be interested in knowing what is happening with this group.

Thanks for forwarded it to both CTK and COH.

Pam Laughlin


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CKAC:Fans needed!

Dear CK and COH friends,

Does anyone have a fan or two the Roberts family could borrow temporarily? Our air conditioner needs a new circuit board, and we won’t be able to replace it just yet. Any kind of fan would be appreciated! Please call or e-mail me if you can assist us in this way. I can arrange for pickup.



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CKAC: ESL training

Here is news about ESL training from my friend, Jeff Wolff of South Dayton PCA. If anyone would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please let me know so I can pass along details. (Barb 878-9826 baharvey)

Forwarded message:

Hi Barb

I think I mentioned to you about the ESL training that will happen at
our church on Aug. 6 and 7. The training will be done by Nancy Booher who is the person in charge of the ESL ministry with Missions to North America. I have attended her training sessions before and she is EXCELLENT. I wanted to extend an invitation to you and anyone at Christ the King to attend. The cost is $40. Please let me know if you plan on attending. We’d love to have you and others from your church.


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Dear church family,

I’ve been contacted for help by a local Rwandan friend who has arranged WSU scholarships for 35 students from Rwanda, including 3 married couples. She tells me the only way this will be possible for them is to find host families in the Dayton area. They will arrive in Dayton financially unable to rent housing.

This is an amazing opportunity for these students. Less than 10% of Rwandans receive a high school education, and only 1.7% are able to obtain a college education. Having spent time in Rwanda, I can tell you that Rwandans are very warm, friendly people who have a strong desire to make their society better, and are willing to work hard to that end.

This is not a request to make a 4 year commitment to provide a home for a student. Housing from September through December is desirable, and anything beyond that would be strictly up to each family. It will also probably be necessary to be near a bus route. It’s possible that, after a period of time, students may be able to find part-time employment and make other housing arrangements, but this is only a guess.

If you would like to help make this opportunity a reality for these students, please contact me (Barb 878-9826 baharvey) and feel free to forward this request to anyone you know who might be interested in helping.


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Ladies of Christ the King and Christ our Hope:

Our “Anglicans at the Table” cookbook is nearly ready for submission for printing. This is a last call for your favorite recipes to be included.

Just email them to me ASAP at candybenz . Martha Berger and I will get them in and we’ll be on our way!

Right now, we can use some more soups and vegetarian dishes, in particular – but anything you want to include is just great!



Candy Jacques

Evanhoe & Associates, Inc.

PO Box 24698

Dayton, OH 45424

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There will be a short meeting this Sunday following Holy Communion to vote on the amended by-laws of Christ Our Hope Anglican Church.

From suggestions by several members (thank you), I made some corrections to the by-laws posted earlier.

Corrected by-laws here.



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JoAnn Roberts called to ask for prayer for her sister-in-law Marla. Marla’s had one-half of her large intestines removed early a.m. Thursday. She has a colostomy now and is recovering in the hospital.

Marla went to the hospital late Wednesday night due to severe pain. The doctor thought it was appendicitis, but it was acute diverticulitis, and her intestines had ruptured.

She will not be able to work as a nurse for several months as she recovers.

Marla is the wife of JoAnn’s brother, Joe. They have 3 kids, Craig, Rachel and Megan.

Thanks for praying for JoAnn, too, as Fred’s father has moved in with them and she is taking care of him, too. Mr. Roberts was in a severe accident a year ago (I think he was hit by a car) and is still not back to good health.

Karla Herman

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